Meet your ancestry

Aug 16 2018 19:00 - 21:30

The Old Baths Cafe, Eastway 80, E9 5JH London

Whether you want to call it spiritual channeling, dreaming yourself back in time, imagination or artistic experiment, the surrealists did it before us, but the difference is that they were fond of the mushrooms and the hallucinogens. We replace mushrooms with meditations and call in our ancestors to create a piece of writing or perform a monologue on stage.

Meet your ancestry is designed for you to connect back to one or more ancestors through automatic writing, guided lucid dreaming and creating your own piece of art as a response to your experience. 

Twin Company is opening these exciting evenings for all of you who want to explore something different, something new, and for all of you who do know that they want to reconnect to the past. Our creative workshops are rich in insights and we are looking forward to bringing you all together opening the topic of our ancestry. 

We support people to reconnect to what has been forgotten and create a bond between us who are alive, considering that one time we also will be ancestors. How nice would it be to know that the ones alive will still call upon us? The stage is open for the voices of wisdom. Come and transform at Meet your Ancestry.

PS: These events are also supporting the fundraising of our show SevenSeven happening the 13th of September 2018 at 42 Acres.

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