MediYoga - Awakening your chakras

Jun 30 2018 10:00 - 11:30

Unmind Spaces, Hackney Community Studio, London

Hello yogi/yogini,

I would like to invite you to the very first MediYoga group session in the UK! Please come and share a beautiful Sadhana (devoted practice) together with me on Saturday morning, 10am on the 30th of June. We are coming together to start of the weekend balanced in mind and body. We will work through all the chakras to produce an experience of aliveness in your body and an awakening of awareness aswell as bringing these elements together to center in the heart. The chakra set will be followed by a powerful meditation that creates mental balance, pulling in all the loose ends and this meditation is also said to be effectful in erasing past patterns and clearing you subconsious mind. I will guide you through breathing, movements, relaxation and meditation to a place of stillness and discovery of self.

The practice will take place in the magical Unmind Spaces in Hackney. Bring a cushion for extra comfort and I would be happy if we all wore light coloured clothes, ideally white. Cant wait to share the space and practice with you! ONLY 10 SPOTS

You can read more about mediyoga on;

About me; I am a Iranian born, Swedish raised women that started my journey of awakening 2011 through series of silent meditation courses. Since then ive developed in ways I never knew possible. I am a Public health Specialist and a MediYoga teacher and therapist with a passion to share wisdom and pratices to help you take steps to awaken to your grace. My purpose is that of love, to live a heart centered life through service. Everything you have ever wanted is inside of you! New to the UK my purpose is to spread this powerful tool to my clients, at group classes, hospitals and workplaces. I have recently recieved an Honorary Contract from NHS and have introduced Yoga as Therapy as part of Cardiac rehabilitation. Medical Yoga UK is my baby. Please dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

With warmth,


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