Magic Brunch Club

Jan 20 2018 11:00 - 14:00

EC1 house, London, EC1V 3QD London

Join us in this New Year and get clear about your intentions, your breath and the magic of 2018.

The space is bringing incredible yoga, magical food, intention setting, gratitude and plant-based goodness together over a beautiful brunch.

Our afternoon ( / morning) will entail a guided meditation and a beautiful strong flow, creating magical energy for our intention setting ritual, and of course eating beautiful nourishing food.

2018 is opening up with powerful creative energy. This New Year gifts us with 3 Super Moons - Dec 3rd, Jan 2nd and Jan 31st. This is about being present with your own nature, because if you are clear about your goals, your resources and your own gifts, you have the ability to cast your own magical spells. Yes, we said it, magical spells. With your thoughts and your words you create, and this workshop will share tools on and off your mat to remain in the centre of those very clear intentions you have for your life this New Year.

Living daily in a dimension of those very words and thoughts, skillfully writing them down and creating a practice that supports them. This will be your afternoon; connecting, focusing and centering. When we can sit with our deepest desires and have clarity on them, it sets momentum and motion in play. More then anything, it gives roots and lays foundations for our intentions. It’s the very essence of magic. Your magic.

This afternoon of dynamic energy and creative space is waiting for you.

Hosted by Liz from Pawo Yoga Retreats, and Chelsea Parsons founder of Well + Happy, enriched with yoga mantras, mudras, nourishing food and positive energy to set your New Year on Fire.

Come as you are, and bring your notebook.

Your hosts:

PAWO - Passionate about people and the human spirit; about opening up new spaces and experiences that re connects the human heart with the physical practice of living life - Lizaan brings a gift to yoga that just has to be experienced.

WELL + HAPPY - Born as a brand fusing Good Food with Positive Vibes, Well + Happy is all about feeling incredible, both on and off your plate. Encouraging a diet that is predominantly plant-based, organic and loaded with feel-good vibes. Learn a little plant-based magic with Well + Happy.

General Admission

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Bring a friend for 1/2 price

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