LYF Lessons Life Drawing

Passyunk Avenue, 80 Cleveland St, W1T 6NE London

LYF Lessons have launched life drawing sessions to reach out to those who want to discover hidden elements in their creativity and to share a new, open-minded experience with others. Each session carries the intention to make everyone feel more confident and to advocate the fight against self-esteem and self-image issues. We encourage artists and models to be themselves and relieve stress and anxiety.

We have fun creating a fun and positive atmosphere through art, experiment with different techniques and artistic mediums and find ways to revitalize your mind and soul, whether that shows on paper or resonates inside. 

People ask me how it works. Well, research shows that life drawing improves emotional intelligence, boosts creativity, self-esteem and communication skills, and improves painting and sketching abilities. As an artist and professional model myself, I can honestly say that the experience has made a positive impact on my life. Feel free go to my website to read more about my story,

The models that I carefully select to pose during these sessions are individuals with something special, a story each to their own that makes them the beautifully unique humans they are today. They may even be at a stage in their lives that require a little encouragement and we use nudity to show them, and the guests, that they can accept themselves and feel comfortable in their skin. With consent from the model, we can touch on an important topic every week and take it from there as soon as the pen touches the paper. 

For the artists. If you're looking for an easy-going atmosphere, enjoy a late "crafternoon" with good company and would like to support a good cause doing so, LYF Lessons is the place for you. 

I will be guiding the class through a combination of short and extended poses (2-45 minutes), you can bring your own materials or use the materials provided.

LYF Lessons sessions proudly represent individuals of all cultures, genders, sexuality, age, shapes, and sizes and we welcome anyone who wants to be a part of coming together. It is not art therapy, it's a place where artists and models can relieve anxiety and shift into being themselves again. It's a place that teaches you to love your features.

Our sessions will be held in a private room at Passyunk Avenue. They also deliver an immersive experience of South Philadelphia and provide delicious, authentic American food and drink. 

Limited tickets sold on the door at £10 per person.

For private event enquiries please email, or call 020 3960 2251. 

Early-Bird Ticket GBP 8.00
Package Deal Not Available