LOVEx A Healthier Life

Jul 31 2018 18:45 - 22:00

Jewel Bar, Boutique Room 1st Floor, 4 Glasshouse St, London

This LOVEx talk is for anyone who would love to be a little bit more healthy physically but finds it challenging to either make the change or maintain their relationship with good health.

If you know deep down that your life is full of distractions and things that are taking you away from leading the life you really could be having, If you find yourself short of money, time, energy and motivation and know somewhere inside, that if you were just able to find a way to be more healthy then some or all of these things could change in your life! If you find that you are full of excuses and you secretly feel guilty or shameful for the way you look or the way to are behaving where your health is concerned. Then we would love you to join us here at this event where you will meet like-minded, supportive people who would also love to change their relationship with their health

In this LOVEx we will present you with empathetic speakers who have walked along the path you a looking for, who have faced the fears and challenges and overcome the obstacles that we and others put in our way.

We will share with you the stories, not only the inspirational ones but the ones we tell ourselves that keep us stuck where we are and we’ll show you how you can smash them to pieces and rid your life of them once and for all.

We’ll give you tips, tricks and advice for making the first steps and for continuing along the path. We’ll provide you with motivation and the encouragement that you need to keep you going through the most tempting times.

We will help you find the Motivation, Inspiration and Determination to lead a healthier life, one choice at a time!

LOVEx is committed to LOVE being the answer, Love of yourself, Love of others and Love of this beautiful world, we create an atmosphere where you will be supported and loved and feel ready to take on this challenge and win.

We can’t wait to share this evening with you. Until then Smile, love is the answer. Xx


The LOVEx Team

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Hari Kalymnios

The Thought Gym Founder and Mindset Specialist

Rita Esa Edah

Ex-slimming world consultant, now a counsellor and coach,

Alexander Maclellan

Founder of Practical Anxiety Solutions

Kurly Marwaha

Specialist in Energies and Fung Shui Consultant