Lost in the Manor: Full Tilt Collective + Only Takes A Day + Tram DJs

Jun 09 2018 19:30 - 22:00

Tooting Tram & Social, 46-48, SW17 9NA London

Lost in the Manor @ Tooting Tram & Social

Full Tilt Collective + Only Takes A Day + Tram DJs

Ensure you are signed for a free ticket for free entry because we can only squeeze so many of you in!

Doors - 7.30pm (Live Room)

Age - 18+

Directions - https://tootingtramandsocial.co.uk/

Full Tilt (Live) - 9.00pm



Full Tilt are a mostly brass, 11 person originals band playing an eclectic range of genres including funk, soul, rock, reggae, ska, hip hop and drum and bass.

Only Takes A Day (Live) - 8.15pm



Tram DJs until late.


Live Bookings - Chris@lostinthemanor.co.uk

Lost in the Manor Tickets - http://www.lostinthemanor.co.uk/

Free Ticket

Not Available