London Terrariums Demijohn Workshop at The Culpeper

40 Commercial St, E1 6LP London
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Tickets GBP 45.00 - GBP 60.00
Tickets GBP 45.00 - GBP 60.00

Come and join London Terrariums in The Culpeper first floor dining room for a green fingered evening where guests will learn how to create their own Demijohn Terrarium.

Guests will learn how a terrarium works; how these self-contained ecosystems survive so well on their own and how to look after them.

The evening will begin with a short introduction explaining the history and science that goes into building a terrarium, from the different plants you can use to why activated charcoal has become an essential tool.

Then it is up to you guys to get your hands in there and build your own!

Everyone will be supplied with a Demijohn Jar, which you will fill with various Fittonia and Ivy and an arrangement of pebbles and moss.

By the end of the session you will have your very own exciting miniature garden to take away and admire for years to come.

All contents, Jar and tools are supplied, whilst being able to take your terrarium away with you along with a care guide should you have any additional questions.

See what's happened before when London Terrariums took over the greenhouse on the rooftop

A London pub in Spitalfields | | @theculpeper
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