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Living Your Design Workshop

Living Your Design Workshop

From GBP 260.00

Online Event

Multiple time slots

30 January 2024 - 22 February 2024


If your internal compass is correct, external factors become the background of your life, and do not determine the direction in which you move! Human Design will give you the opportunity to achieve unique self-observation, an accurate compass for your correct direction and individual purpose, and how to move along the axis of least resistance like water carving through the stone. This is an amazing adventure that I invite you to embark on to broaden your horizon and gain a new, comprehensive and practical perspective on yourself, on others and your relationships with them, and on how we are made energetically to function in the world. Be the main character in your own movie, not just a mise-en-scène living in the shadow of what is possible! Human Design is a new generation navigation system. Have you had the feeling that there is something that keeps slipping away? You may be right. Human Design is a self-awareness system that can guide you with amazingly accurate information through your energetic blueprint. Coded in us, we can find the answers to some very important questions.
Have you ever wondered:
- Where to take in life?
- How to realize your full potential?
- What is your inner anchor that gives you stability and direction in life?
- How do you interact with others and how do you influence each other?
- Are you used to trusting everyone but yourself?
- What are your sabotaging internal patterns?
- With whom, where, when and how is it correct to be?
- What is your personal power and inner strength?
- What is your life purpose and correct way of working, etc.

Human Design can give you the opportunity to achieve unique self-observation, an accurate compass for the right direction and individual purpose for you and how to move along the way of the least resistance. The Human Design System will give you a new, comprehensive and practical point of view over yourself, others and the world in general. This is a new generation navigation system for all situations and possible scenarios in the best way for you, so that you get satisfaction, success, freedom, surprise and move confidently on the correct geometry of the journey of your life. This is an amazing adventure and experiment that I invite you to embark on with me to discover: Who are you? Who really recognizes you. Who do you impact. Ready for a surprise? Human Design reveals the uniqueness of each of us, what our inherent gifts are, how best to utilize them, and where we tend to deviate from our true selves. 

Human Design is a science of differentiation that shows us how different and unique everyone is. In the bodygraph, we see where our energy potentials are, what the potential for our authentic self is and where we are conditioned by our parents, society, environment and culture. We will look at specific examples and work with the bodygraphs of the participants and the practical application of the information. Living Your Design course is about YOU. The initiation into your own experiment, empowerment to embrace your uniqueness and support through a community of others. The Human Design System education starts with the foundational course: Living Your Design. Do you want to study with me to become an internationally recognized and certified Human Design Professional? Or take the LYD for your own empowerment and personal growth? Human Design supports your authentic self-expression and the maximization and actualization of your full potential, both in your personal life and in the helping professions. 

Your guide: Veronica de Boer - certified analyst and LYD Guide. More about me:

Where: Online Zoom Classroom
When: 8 online classes (2 hours)
30 January - 22 February, 2024
30 January
1, 6, 8, 13, 15, 20 and 22 FebruaryTimes for Europe:
17:00 - 19:00 GMT
19:00 - 21:00 CET
20:00 - 22:00 EET

Times for USA:
10:00 - 12:00 - Pacific time
13:00 - 15:00 - Eastern time

Now on Discount: EUR 300, Regular Price:
EUR 350.Participants can take advantage of a 10% discount for Human Design Analysis: Individual, Partnership, Solar Return, Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, Kiron Return, Incarnation Cross. For more information:
+359 888625765 - WhatsApp, Viber

* This workshop is part of the official courses of the International Human Design School (IHDS) and is a necessary condition for all who would like to deepen their knowledge in the next levels - the courses "ABC in Human Design" and "Cartography".

** The price for participation does not include the textbook for this level
*** When enrolling you need to leave your birth data (date, time and place of birth) in order for me to prepare your bodygraph which we will work with during the workshop.


I am a certified Living Your Design Guide and Professional Human Design Analyst for Individual Analysis, Partnership Analysis, Life Purpose Analysis, Life Cycle Anaylisys:

Saturn Return (28-30); Uranus Opposition (40-44 years); Kiron Return (48-50 years).


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