Living life in Balance - Master your Emotions

Feb 22 2018 08:30 - 16:30

The Dome, 14 George St, EH2 2PF Edinburgh


Discover the key to your emotions and unleash your potential to achieve the life you deserve!

Live your life in balance.

Discover how your emotions are the key to:

Mastering your self limiting beliefs

Mastering your physiological state

Mastering your focus and the right emotions for you

Mastering the deeper reasons for your emotions

By the end of this course you have a clearer insight into who you are, what you want and how you are going to achieve it.

What are Emotions ?

Emotions can bring about changes that impact your behaviours, our mind and body. Emotions that are not fully processed can cause mental, emotional and physical pain and you may not even be aware of this. Your unconscious mind hasn’t processed the emotion and this has then became locked in your nervous system. With training and practice you can develop the skills to bring balance back into your everyday lives.

How Can Mastering My Emotions Help Me?

Scientific research into Emotions and the brain shows how mastering the right emotions can help:

Reduce anxiety and depression

Become a better communicator

Increase our self esteem

Help by bringing perspective and wisdom when dealing with life's stresses

Boost the immune system

Help with the management of chronic pain

And so much more.....

Course Details:
Our Mastering your Emotions course is designed to give you the confidence in your own ability to master your emotions.
We use a variety of exercises to help you develop positive habits, acknowledge your power emotion and inner qualities of kindness, empathy, acceptance, strength, courage and joy; which have all been proven to have a profound effect on our mind and our wellbeing.
The workshop programme contains 6 hours of dual teaching from two experts in their field in coaching and wellness. Sessions include guided mindfulness / self hypnosis practices and teaching by an experienced practitioner. You will be given a course manual, recordings of the practices on an MP3 player and a certificate to confirm completion of the workshop.

Themes covered in the course:
• Introductory Session - What are Emotions ?
• Why learn about them?
• The triad of emotions
• What area's of our life are emotions effecting us
• Confronting our emotions
• Befriending the self-critic
• Find the right tools for everyday life
• Creating a strategy to be more in control
• Learning to take positive action

General Admission

Not Available

General Admission

Not Available