Live Music: Sebastian Schub // Ciircus Street // Lex Briggs

Mar 06 2018 20:00 - 22:00

Apples & Pears Bar, 26 Osborn St, E1 6TD London

Join us for some live music from Sebastian Schub with Ciircus Street andLex Briggs.

Sebastian Schub
London based singer-songwriter.

Ciircus Street
Reading based indie-pop duo, Ciircus Street, are firmly putting their stamp on the current world of popular music. Consisting of Sam Brett (vocals/ guitar) and Jim Crowder (vocals/keyboard).

Whilst Sam and Jim list notable artists such as James Morrison, Jack Johnson and Ed Sheeran as their inspirations, when it comes to writing music, the pair admit that they are in fact influenced significantly by each other. Consequently, it is clear to see the chemistry between the two which bounces off each other, forming Ciircus Street’s individual sound. Think attitude-filled, acoustic guitar mixed with perfectly harmonising vocals - uniquely described in the past as a mixture of ‘salt and honey’, displaying the contrasting, yet compatible nature of their voices.


Lex Briggs
London based singer-songwriter.

Doors at 5pm.
Music Starts at 8pm.

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