Light Sculpture Workshop

113 Fonthill Road, N4 3HH London
Mar 07 2020 10:30
Mar 08 2020 17:00
Tickets GBP 180.00
Tickets GBP 180.00
"The artist was fantastic! The content was really good, I learned a lot in a short space of time."

Join internationally renowned light artist Aphra Shemza this March for her Light Sculpture Workshop. Shemza will provide a hands-on two-day workshop where participants will make their own light sculpture to take home with them.

Not only will each participant walk away with a unique piece of light art, they will also develop invaluable skills in the following areas; soldering, basic micro-electronics, Arduino, sculpture making, circuit integration and a basic introduction to Arduino programming in C++. The workshop will start from the basics and leave participants with the skills and confidence to integrate electronics into their projects in the future.

Although no prior knowledge about electronics or Arduino is required participants must be over 18, have manual dexterity and competent computer literacy. Participants must bring a laptop with them.

Materials for the workshop included in the price:

  1. Individually Addressable LEDs
  2. Arduino equivalent
  3. USB cable
  4. Plastic enclosure
  5. Capacitor
  6. Resistors
  7. Wire
  8. Sculpture building materials; plastic, dichroic film, metal mesh & sheet, wood, mirror and card.
    Materials above including soldering irons and wire cutters etc… will be provided however participants must bring a laptop with them.
    “With no prior experience of coding or electronics, it was exciting to learn something new and achieve a very colourful result in a weekend.” female, 55-65 yrs


    Day One:


    • Introduction to Aphra Shemza and light art
    • Student introductions
    • Basic electronics and Arduino 
    • Soldering and best practice
    • Practical Task One: Solder your header pins onto your Arduino
    • Practical Task Two: Plug your Arduino into your laptop and run a test program

    1-2pm: Break


    • Introduction to LEDs
    • Practical Task Three: Solder jumper cables onto LED, glue and heat-shrink the connections
    • Practical Task Four: Wire up the LED to the Arduino, upload Library and run the test code
    • Alter values in the code to change the LED colours and sequence
    • Introduction to the sculpture making tools and materials for tomorrow

    Day Two:


    • Practical Task Five: Integrate your circuit into its enclosure
    • Practical Task Six: Test your circuit works
    • Practical Task Seven: Begin constructing your light sculpture

    1-2pm: Break


    • Practical Task Seven (continued): Finish creating your light sculpture
    • Practical Task Eight: Integrate your circuit into the sculpture
    • Practical Task Nine: Test your code and make adjustments
    • Practical Task Ten: Photograph your finished creations
    • Design Reviews
    • Next Steps and Q&A session
    • Feedback forms

    For any further information please contact: | +44 (0)7981337752

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