LifeTonic: Modern Healing & Meditation

Feb 26 2017 14:00 - 17:00

COMO Metropolitan London , 19 Old Park Ln, W1K London

Heal your modern woes by releasing the pains of your past.

LifeTonic is my monthly event of “healing” and guided “meditation” in the city.

**No previous meditation experience needed**

Behind-the-scenes of our modern woes (fears, anxiety, stress, finances, relationships) is our “baggage” from our past. It’s every negative experience we’ve had (e.g. parent’s getting divorced, failing maths, moving schools etc), and the memories and emotions of those experiences. We hold onto our baggage and all it’s contents, which unsurprisingly creates fear, blocks and limitation in our lives now.

Don’t have any negative memories? It’s very common to be detached, and not remember, as they’re stored in the memory vault out-of-sight and out-of-mind. You’ll be totally unaware that you’re still holding on. Not only that, but you’ll be unconsciously living your life from this place of fear and limitation.

Clearly this baggage is holding us back in our lives, and we need a way to release it.

Still with me?

Have I lost you?

Overwhelmed you?

Scared you?

No worries. Just try and be open to the possibility. That alone is enough right now….

The good news is, you can access the baggage and heal it simply and quickly in a healthy way. You can absolutely free your mind, body and soul of the pains of the past.

Join us at LifeTonic, and without revealing your life’s problems, you can painlessly release your past. From stressed-out workers, mothers, entrepreneurs, boyfriends, LifeTonic helps anyone who wants to feel more confident, brighter, richer and anxiety-free. You’ll move through 3 hours of guided meditation as we touch on topics and pain-points which will completely resonate with you….as if you’re in a private session with me! You’ll feel lighter, energised, rejuvenated and more powerful in your own skin (trust us, it’s in the testimonials).

What happens during the session:

My role as your guide is to work with the group energy field (that you create) in the room. I’m able to intuitively sense and understand key topics and information that you, as a group are struggling with. I read the many different topics, and communicate the information I receive to the group, as if I’m having a two-way conversation with the energy field.

I then open the opportunity for healing, and guide you through the healing and releasing of the associated emotions, blocks and energy out of your system. Some of the information will specifically resonate with you, and your own individual stories, and cause a reaction which begins a release of energy and emotion. Some of the information may not completely resonate but will still trigger something inside you.

I work with a powerful energy, emotional healing technique, which allows us to clear and release the old baggage from the body, mind and spirit.

When you release this old baggage, you’ll instantly feel lighter and you’ll heal. You’ll feel yourself transform during the session, shedding the pains of the past.

The session involves:

- Brief intro + explanation of the work

- Teachings about the issues we’re working with during the session

- Healing of your spiritual aspect / connection to your higher self

- Breaks every hour or so

You will emerge feeling lighter and empowered, bounding with the energy you need to create the life you love.

Give your Sunday a boost, make it your ritual and let your inner light shine, brighter than it ever has!

£45 for 3 hours of life-changing work.

Final thought: It doesn’t matter about your beliefs, or what your parents believed, or whether you’re completely sceptical. This healing work is for everyone, especially if you have the most resistance.

*May cause giggles, giddiness, contagious grins and a supernatural high.

Nitty gritty: We have a fair ticket policy for all our events with no exceptions. Please understand that we do not offer a refund on tickets, or any exchanges. Feel free to email with any questions about your ticket. If you cannot make the event, we suggest selling or gifting your ticket on to someone else. Ticket sales close 5pm on the Friday before the event.

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