Level 1 Crystal Healing Workshop on 29 September

Sep 29 2018 10:00 - 16:00

The Station Hotel, Castle Hill , DY1 4RA Dudley

This is a fantastic workshop for anyone who would like to learn more about crystals.

There is a little theory and I will give you a manual but the emphasis is how you can use crystals in your own home.
Many people have acquired crystals as gifts or they have bought crystals themselves but are unsure what they can do with them.

I will help you to choose a pendulum, some quartz points and your own individual chakra set. You can also choose some incense to help keep your crystals cleansed and cleared!

It will be fun!

You will get to use tingsha bells and a singing bowl. 

You will learn how to cleanse and energise the crystals you have at home.

You will use your own chakra set to balance chakras.


The workshop costs £65.00

If you would like to come along to this crystal workshop, you can secure your space with a £20 deposit.

Email Julie for a booking form: reikijulie@live.co.uk

Feel free to contact me for more details:-
Julie Chipperfield-Carr 07818283365 or email reikijulie@live.co.uk.

Workshop Full Payment

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Workshop Deposit

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