Oct 12 2019 17:00 - Oct 13 2019 02:00

Hertford House, 1 Fore St, SG14 1DA Hertford

This is going to be one hell of a gig. Six kick-arse bands from the 'hood. All playing through Steve Hunt's kick-arse, old school, 16,000 watt sound system down in Hertford House Underground Lounge. 

The short answer is to fund Hertford Music Festival buying Steve Hunt's PA and lighting systems for Hertford and for posterity – so that all local musicians (and the public) continue to get the benefit of them.

Because although it would be ridiculous to imagine a load of us showing off (and people paying to watch) could stop something terrible happening, it isn't ridiculous to turn up and show solidarity. As many of you will know, our friend and colleague Steve Hunt hadn't expected to be with us for this year's Musical Mystery Tour – but he was. And so were both of his rather marvellous, rather old-school PA systems. I think the British understatement would be to say 'Steve's prognosis ain't great'. 

So please, please read on. And share this event with everyone you know who plays in a band, plays solo, used to play, wants to play, enjoys live music or vaguely gives a shit about it.

This is for Steve. And it's for Julie. Part of it is about helping us (Hertford Music Festival) to buy Steve's sound and lighting systems to make sure Steve and Julie get some much-needed dosh. Another part is that it seems right that Hertford Music Festival is the buyer. We will then be using Steve's monster system to make local bands sound awesome for years to come in the name of Arundell Audio (That's Steve by the way).

SO... by buying a ticket (or better still donating more) you'll be investing in Hertford's music scene in Steve's honour.

AND... I know the ever-pragmatic Mr Hunt won't mind me saying this... Rather than the bits and pieces that make up Steve's two systems being gradually sold off, lost and scattered, we aim to keep it all intact. In a way that won't make Steve cringe, I hope, it will be a fitting and lasting memorial. Round these parts, if you're any fucking good, you'll get a chance to plug into the Arundell Audio Sound System... 

Kev Saunders here. by the way!


24.00 – 02.00: DJ (ish) Kev Saunders playing nasty shit

23.00 – 24.00: THE REAL MCKOYS
22.00 – 22.45: MAXX PALMER

21.00 –21.45: LOS LADRONES

20.00 – 20.45: EXAGGERATORS
19.00 – 19.45: QUIVERING LIP
18.00 – 18.45: OBJECT

Get your tickets NOW.

There are three variants.

PAID TICKET: These are £10 (or £12 on the door if there are any left)

GOODY BAG TICKET: There are only 10 of these. They cost £25 (OR £30 ON THE DOOR) and as well as admission to the gig you get a Hertford House Hotel Goody Bag, containing CDS and merchandise from some of the bands playing - and some who aren't). 

The goody bag includes: (we'll be updating this info very soon)

For £25 you get this amazing gig PLUS almost £60 worth of swag! (and we're adding loads more!)

The Real McKoys: New Strike Back CD (Value £7)

Los Ladrones: I Wear Black 4-track CD EP (Value: £3.95)

Kev Saunders: Helium Brothers 12” single on vinyl ‘Do What You Wanna Do” from 1987 (Value – well I’ve seen it online for £9.99)

The Suicide Tapes: They are gutted they can't play and have generously donated the following merchandis (per Goody Bag)

1 Suicide Tapes T Shirt (Value: £10.00)

1 Suicide Tapes Coffee Mug (Value: £7.50)

I Suicide Tapes Psychotherapy CD album (Value: £5.00)

10 Suicide Tapes Button Badges (Value: £10.00)

Quivering Lip: 4 track cd, with Glass Of Shame (brand new), Mavigh remix of Ashes, extended version of Fear of Fear, and a special mystery song, recorded specifically for this CD/occasion. (Value: £5

And much more!

DONATION: Basically, just give us more money if you can afford it! (You need to buy a ticket separately though)

Expensive? No. But it is dear to our hearts. 

So please spread the word and put the date in your diaries!