Leftöver Crack / All Torn Up / The Dubtones / DEATHBUS / The Divils

Aug 05 2017 19:30 - 23:00

The Bowery, 196 Rathmines Rd Lower, Dublin 2 Dublin 6

Solid Choice Industries & Venture present:

Update 07/07/17 - VENUE UPGRADED TO THE BOWERY, all tickets still valid.

Leftöver Crack


From the band themselves...

We are ANTI-RACIST,ANTI-SEXIST,ANTI-HOMOPHOBIC, and ANTI-BREEDING but PRO-CHOICE. We are not P.C., but share similar interests...we are simply against ALL forms of Fascism and against the petty infighting that can result in an exclusive scene where the true, terrifying enemies can be put on the back-burner because of our petty differences. I just wish we could unite to fight for the important things in life like freedom and equality and our polluted dying eco-system that we depend on to live. Yes, I mean these wicked corporations & their collusion with our government to feed you lies through the media they control. Wake the fuck up!!! And if you ARE awake or claim to be, please heed my warning that this infighting can result in nothing but the smallest, smug sense of self-righteousness and the alienation of people that truly want to help (most of the time, a few bad apples aren't even usually that bad). Well, I can dream, can't I or is thought-crime being enforced finally!!! Throw away the key. For a finely detailed explanation about our views on police, prisons, border police/immigration policies and the greed and corruption that fuel these loathsome enterprises, I can't recommend the following book highly enough: 'Lockdown America: Police and Prisons in the Age of Crisis' by Christian Parenti (the son of Michael Parenti [the man whose spoken word quotes we used in the record:'No GODS/NO MANAGERS' by Choking Victim] whom also has written many books that have greatly informed our politics).

All Torn Up


Conscious & Empowering Political Punk.

Staring at this ugly world everyday can either tear you apart, leaving you broken and unable to cope, or it can drive you crazy with rage, inspiring you to rip this place to pieces until we have a world in which we would actually want to live. All Torn Up is a collective of community organizers and rage filled musicians firing out aggressive tunes to break this down. We're dedicated to bringing punk music and community back to being a source of rebellion against all the injustices that have shaped our angry little lives.

All Torn Up was forged with two desires: to make music that not only challenges ourselves and others to consciously think more about the wretched world we have been given AND to invigorate people to make fight harder everyday to make this the something worth struggling for. Our tunes are torches to set fire to their oppressive institutions and to shine light upon our fellow rebels. Those are the fury filled faces are the reason this fight is worth starting, and they are the reason we know we can win.

Music holds us together, while the dusty ideas of the past hold us down. The trick is using that which holds us together to destroy that which holds us down. We are here to help empower those who have been held down to hold their heads up as high as their fists, stick together, and start raging for a world in which we'd ALL actually want to live.

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