KimFit Lifting Workshop: Training for power

Sep 22 2019 09:30 - 12:30

Vibe Fitness, 4 Miles St, BA2 4JN Bath

KimFit Lifting Workshop: Training for power

Why attend this workshop?

To improve confidence and competence training for power including Olympic lifting in a non-intimidating and supportive environment. 

What is the format?

This will be a three hour practical workshop hosted by Kim Murray, GB skeleton athlete and qualified personal trainer. There will be six people in the workshop maximum.

Where is it?

Vibe Fitness, Bath

Who is it for? 

All welcome, but most appropriate for beginners or people relatively new to lifting. 18+ years only. 

What will I learn? 
We will cover various elements of training for power including plyometrics, medicine ball work and you will also learn the correct technique for the clean and jerk and snatch. We will incorporate regression and progression exercises on an individual basis and you will learn how to warm up and cool down optimally. We will teach you how to spot and correct errors as well as safely spot your training partner. In addition you will understand how to program these lifts into your training and which accessory lifts to include to maximise progress.