Kill It, Eat It

Apr 23 2017 11:00 - 13:00

Secret Location , Released to ticket buyers , SE1 London

Kill It, Eat It

In April 2017 Bompas & Parr will launch the first of a series of experiential dining events that invite the public to consider the often-overlooked path that food takes to their plate.

Specifically, it will require participants to kill their dinner before they tuck into it. Just 16 tickets are available per class.

The first class will focus on crabs and will take place in London beginning with a tutorial in humanely despatching crustaceans before each participant is given their own live animal to kill.

The ritual will allow guests to take a close look at crabs, appreciating their provenance and their role within the ocean food chain, set against the context of humans’ insatiable desire for beautiful and tasty food.

Collectively the experiences will draw attention to the reality of what raising, culling and preparing animals to eat actually entails.

Each guest’s crab will be dressed by the venue’s chefs, before our newly qualified crab killers sit down to dine together.

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