Joy of the Infinite: A Live Music Kundalini Yoga Experience with Jai Dev & Simrit

Sep 02 2018 15:00 - 18:00

Essex Church (Kensington Unitarians), 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, W8 4RT London

When you lift the life-force in the body so that it nurtures the higher glands, you can unlock a wellspring of energy that under normal circumstances remains unavailable.

It is an alchemy which causes the mind to look through the lens of heightened awareness. From this 'high-altitude' vantage point, you fall deeply in love with who you truly are. This is the infinite well in which true confidence and beauty are born. A glow beams from the eyes, brightness emanates through the presence and a divine warmth emerges in the heart.

In this unique workshop, we will use the high-powered exercises and incredible meditations to activate your life-force and enjoy the experience of an enlivened body, a crystal clear mind, and an awakened soul...all set to the riveting live music of Simrit and her masterful band!

Featuring: Salif Bamakora, Shannon Lee Hayden, Jared May & Devon Ashley

Please bring a mat, sheepskin or cushion to sit on.

Paid Ticket

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