Joudie & Juma Supperclub

Apr 17 2018 19:00 - 22:00

The Phene, 9 Phene St, SW3 5NY London

A complimentary glass of prosecco with orange blossom and rose


Vegetarian Kubbeh Nayeh - tangy bulgar wheat and fresh vegetables mixed together with a spicy lemon dressing

Fatayer lahmeh - home made warm spiced meat pastries

Mamas Musaka'a - Sautéed aubergine cooked slow in a garlic and onion tomato sauce, served at room temperature.

Mujadarra - lentil and rice with cumin and rocket draped in pomegrante seeds

Mutabbal Kousa -Sautéed courgette, tahineh, and yoghurt dip

A selection of labneh with za'atar, pickled vegetables and olives will be arranged on the tables to share as well

Main course

Iraqi Dolma- vine leaves, peppers and onions wrapped around spiced minced lamb and rice with rack of Lamb, served pink

Fattoush salad


Makroutah - Aniseed and date pastry rolls

Joudie Juma

Not Available