Jewellery Masterclass: Cuttlebone Casting a Silver Ring

Nov 23 2019 11:00 - 15:00

Kas & Ros, 61 Tower Bridge Rd, SE1 4TL London

Join us for this hands on workshop where you will make and cast your own silver ring.

Hosted by award winning jewellers Milena Kovanovic (Crucible London) & Ros Millar. Over the course of this 4 hour workshop we will teach you everything you need to know about how to prepare and cast your very own silver ring. You will have plenty of opportunity to practice and test out this variable technique which is safe, fast and versatile.

In the direct casting method, molten metal directly fills a design carved/imprinted into the surface of a cuttlebone. Producing a finished three-dimensional cast object.

Cuttlebone is the centre bone of a squid like mollusk, it’s a chalk like material (calcium carbonate) that has a thin, hard surface on one side and a soft crust on the other, making it ideal for direct casting. One of the earliest known casting processes used by man for thousands of years.

This workshop is suitable for both beginners and more advanced students.

Each student will be provided with an apron, though we ask you to please wear suitable non- loose clothing (as you would for any other semi-messy art form). For health and safety we also recommend close toed shoes.

With a maximum of six people in any one class, there will be plenty of opportunity for one-on-one interaction with the jewellers. The workshop will take place in a hidden, heated and covered garden, housed at the back of jewellery store ‘Kas & Ros’.