Jesus Wins! A study in to the book of Revelation

Feb 21 2018 19:30 - Mar 21 2018 21:30

Level.10 Church, Stanmore Lane, SO22 4BT Winchester

The book of Revelation is an incredible book, but has a reputation of being difficult to read and understand. Using videos from David Pawson, we will go in detail on the vision that Jesus gives us through the last book of the Bible. What’s going to happen at the end of time? How will Jesus win? Why is it important to us today?

Who Is David Pawson?

David is widely considered to be one of the world’s finest biblical expositors (i.e. explainers of the bible!). He has written over 30 books, with his excellent Unlocking the Bible series of books, audio and videos providing a accessible way to go deeper in to the Word of God.

General Admission

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