Japanese Ink Painting and Calligraphy

Mar 23 2018 12:30 - 16:30

Burgh House & Hampstead Museum, New End Square, NW3 1LT London

About the workshop:

The study of Asian ink painting is a practice of being with the heart’s rhythm. Exercising discipline and steadiness of heart and mind to develop a creative process over a substantial period of time. This is an active meditation process in encouraging new ways of observation and self listening as part of healing and inspiration.

The appeal of Japanese ink painting is in the flow of the brush. The seemingly ‘effortless’ minimalistic stroke that suggest a bamboo in the wind or a flying sparrow is magical. It is an art form of economy, using one brush and one colour to reflect upon nature’s harmonies. Results can be achieved on first experience, but mastership flawless of the brush, require practice.

Workshops include practice of Japanese characters (kanji) and traditional painting themes such as Plum Blossom, Wild Orchid and Bamboo. Advanced students study a variety of themes to include flowers and birds, animals and landscape painting. Each workshop includes live demonstration, various exercises, work sheets and plenty of practice time.

March workshops are dedicated to the healing qualities of black ink painting.

This art form has its roots deep in the wisdom of Tao and Buddhist thought. Its practice offers guidance and support to the creative training.

Offering a selection of contemplative active meditation for healing and well being, to be in tune with our heart’s rhythm and our inner knowings.

Each workshops will focus on a selective theme*, whilst practicing a variety of brush strokes and learning how to use Japanese brush and ink, on fine paper to create ‘pictures of the heart’. This is an active contemplation time, making ‘ink marks’ on paper to follow the very essence quality of the subject painted.


1st workshops (2nd of March)

Bamboo workshop theme – Resilience and the nature of growth

2nd workshops (9th of March)

Wild Orchids workshop – Flow the nature of elegance

3rd workshops (16th of March)

Yellow Empress – Truth and the nature of strength

4th workshops (23rd of March)

Plum Blossom – Hope and the nature of duality

Please note that priority is given to students who wish to take a full foundation course (all 4 workshops).

About the instructor:

Talia Lehavi is a professional artist and a certified teacher of Japanese ink painting based in London. She has many years experience as a creative artist and a teacher of ink painting, calligraphy & watercolour techniques, with rich knowledge of the arts of east Asia and its ink painting tradition.

Talia has been teaching and lecturing at various museums, gardens, art councils and associations in the UK and worldwide. See www.talialehavi.com for more.

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