James Ewan Tait & Robbie Thompson

Aug 05 2018 19:00 - 22:00

LS6, 14-16 Headingley Lane, LS6 2AS Leeds

Robbie Thompson

What to expect- Reflective, lyric-driven folk, inspired by the post-industrial North of England.

“In his solo work, Robbie Thompson takes several steps back from the Buffalo Skinners’ full-bodied, rumbling storytelling and instead uses songs to pick out moments, giving them room to breathe… Thompson's vocals are striking, a very old voice bristling with fresh emotion."

- Now Then Magazine

"Utterly beautiful" - BBC Introducing

Last summer Thompson released a stripped down collection of his solo material, recorded at Yellow Arch studios:



James Ewan Tait

What to expect- Experimental songwriter noted for his unmistakable croon, and deeply personal delivery.

“Like all the best vocalists, Tait allows his voice to become strained and cracked with emotion as he reaches the highs and lows of expression... proving beyond doubt that Tait can master the whole spectrum of honest emotion.”

– Now Then Magazine

“This remarkable songwriter is producing some uniquely enjoyable music.”

- Pink Wafer

Last autumn Tait’s debut EP, recorded with his producer and a selection of local musicians, was released on Tait’s own nascent Pigeon Hands label.


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