iyatraQuartet - The Thames, Global Trade and Music

Sep 16 2018 15:00 - 16:00

Brunel Museum, Railway Ave, SE16 4LF London

iyatraQuartet is a professional group of musicians comprising violin, cello, clarinets and percussion. ‘iyatra’ is derived from the Hindi word for travel. They are inspired by the international musicians with whom they work in London and create original music based on sounds and tunes heard from around the world. They have performed at Songlines Festival, WOMAD, Bloomsbury Festival and London International Arts Festival.

Part of Totally Thames Festival, The Thames, Global Trade and Music will be an exciting performance of new music by iyatraQuartet, put in the context of global trade on the Thames. Throughout its history the Thames has connected London with people and cultures from around the world and this has always inspired its resident musicians. iyatraQuartet are always inspired by the musicians they play with from other musical cultures, and this affects their own original music. This performance will celebrate the influence of global trade on cultural trade, and the movement of people for various reasons leading to the cultural enrichment of London.


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