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🌏LONDON 24.08.2019

The Knife Seminar workshop, part of the Ultimate Urban Resist training program, is designed for two target groups. The first one are knowledgable owners of cold steel and afficionados of side arms combat, and the second are those who wish to acquire unique skills of dealing with crisis situations involving knife attacks.

After each class, participants will be able to use specific tools and self-defence skill sets when faced with a knife attack. We will equip our students with the psychological knowledge of coping with stress in critical conditions and show them how to effectively attack with a knife. Participants will come away with the awareness and effective skills of using everyday objects to deter a knife attack.

Train with us and learn the tactical aspect of fighting in critical situations. Learn how to avoid the traps involved in fighting in enclosed spaces and how to utilize narrow spaces to your advantage during combat!

During our training, we will not teach fencing techniques of knife combat—you will learn how to succeed in close-contact fights! We will also recreate and analyse these and other types of situations!

The structure of the workshop

Training will be divided into three parts:

III.Trials - simulation

Methods employed during the workshop:

3.Exercise, training

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