Fungi play vitally important and often unspoken roles in modern medicine and evidence of our use of these organisms to promote health and fight disease can be found throughout the history of human civilisation.

From antibiotics to immune modulators, tumour inhibitors to styptics, a vast range of treatments both old and new have been discovered and continue to be some of our most valuable medicines.

This 2-day workshop will introduce the historical and current medicinal uses of a range of different species of fungi through taught sessions coupled with practical sessions to gain key skills in preparing your own treatments.

This course will include the following elements:

  • Fungal Classification
  • Fungal morphology and biology (in nutshell)
  • Mushroom cultivation (in nutshell)
  • Brief history of Mycotherapy
  • Active compounds in Fungi
  • Introduction to key medicinal species of fungi
  • Herbal medicine applications
  • Insights into modern medical applications
  • Making tinctures and powder capsules
  • Use of medicinal fungi in teas
  • Therapeutic food recipes
  • Fungi first aid

The tutor for this course will be Attila Fodi, he is a Hungarian Field Mycologist specialising in medicinal mushrooms. He is a member of both the British and Hungarian Mycological Societies and has authored or co-authored two mycotherapy related books and several published articles. He has also translated portions of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) classics into Hungarian. He has been teaching mycology and mycotherapy 7 years.