Interactive Light Art Workshop

Nov 10 2018 10:00 - Nov 11 2018 17:00

Ugly Duck, 49 Tanner St, SE1 3PL London

Join internationally renowned light artist Aphra Shemza and programmer Jamie Howard this November for an Interactive Light Art Workshop. Partnering with Ugly Duck, the team will provide a hands-on two-day workshop where participants will learn how to create a sound reactive light sculpture.

Not only will each participant walk away with a stunning interactive sculpture, they will also develop invaluable skills in the following areas; soldering, basic micro-electronics, prototyping on a breadboard, testing components, circuit integration, Arduino and Arduino programming in C++.

Although no prior knowledge about electronics or Arduino is required participants must be over 18, have manual dexterity and competent computer literacy. This workshop is challenging but rewarding. It will start from the basics and leave participants with the skills and confidence to integrate electronics into their projects in the future.

Price: £145 (not including any ticket fees)

*As the material cost for this workshop is high, we will only be able to run the workshop with a minimum number of 6 participants.

Materials for the workshop included in the price:

  1. Custom made Perspex sculpture
  2. Individually Addressable LED tape
  3. Arduino Nano equivalent
  4. USB cable
  5. Microphone
  6. PCB
  7. Capacitor
  8. Resistors
  9. Wire

Materials above including soldering irons and wire cutters etc… will be provided however participants must bring a laptop with them.


Day One, 10am-5pm:


  • Introduction to Arduino and software on your computer, run test program
  • Introduction to soldering
  • Create circuits on breadboard and test components with example code

1-2pm: Break


  • Soldering your circuit onto a PCB
  • Start circuit integration into the Perspex module

Day Two. 10am -5pm:


  • Finish Circuit integration
  • Introduction to C++ coding

1-2pm: Break


  • Learn how to program your module with example code
  • Learn to change parameters and variables in the code to effect the outcome
  • Finalize your code

For any further information please contact: | +44 (0)7981337752


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