Inspire Supper Club

Oct 11 2018 19:00 - 22:00

Woodford Green IG8, UK, Woodford Green IG8, IG8 Woodford Green


We know so much about what is effecting our health and yet we seem to ignore basic messages from our bodies and end up feeling feel low, heavy, fatigued, overwhelmed, unhappy and ill.

CloudCity are hosting Inspire Supper Clubs to use conversation as a way to shift some of the heavy burdens we hold on too. We are bringing together speakers within the health and well-being industries for a series of intimate evenings.

It's a night out with like minded people sharing and enjoying conversations on really important health topics that you can take away and continue with your own friends and family. We want to change your conversation for better health and a better lifestyle.

The facts are, the root cause to most of our illnesses relate to an aspect of stress in our mind, emotions, environment or bodies.

We can believe we have our stress managed by a yoga class here or a meditation workshop once a year, but we don't always connect the dots and instead of stopping and listening to the messages of our body, we just live in a constant state of stress. Until we get an injury, disease or have a full breakdown, we don't recognise it’s our lifestyles that are seriously affecting our health.

Exercise, yoga, meditation, healthy eating are all important components to a healthy lifestyle, but if you are in a constant state of stress these practices will not be benefiting you in the way you might of hoped.

It's no longer about how we manage stress, it's about acknowledging that we are stressed, understanding how that is impacting so many areas of our life and how we break these patterns and learn better so the next generation is not picking up the pieces of the stressed world we are creating.

changing perspectives, health & lives. Join the conversation, then become the conversation. Important subjects talked about, in a lighthearted way!

Please choose your ticket according to your dietary requirements. Anything we need to know please email

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