In the Night Sky Live

Oct 26 2020 11:00 - 12:00

Come and investigate the amazing sky full of stars. Learn about constellations and how our ancestors would have viewed the night sky. And then become a Dark Sky Ranger and understand just how important it is to look after and care for the night not just for now but for future generations..

A highly interactive Space Workshop suitable for families of all ages.... Delivered live and online by Jo who is a professional Space Outreach Educator and the founder of Space Detectives. Jo is also a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society as well as being one of the 10 current UK Space Ambassadors working on behalf of the European Space Education Office... Jo is passionate about space and her knowledge and enthusiasm will never cease to impress itself on all workshop participants.... If you love space, then this workshop is for you!

Space Detectives aims to inspire everyone in the topic of space science, astronomy and space exploration. Founded in 2014, Space Detectives runs workshops across the UK in a variety of settings and to a wide range of audiences. All sessions are known for being highly interactive, fun and delivered with an enthusiasm which is infectious...