Mar 27 2018 11:00 - 13:00

Hunter Collective, 2nd Floor, EC1R 3AB London

HOLLIE DE CRUZ AKA THE YES MUM MUM London Hypnobirthing and Mothers Meetings are excited to bring you a one day Positive Birth Antenatal Workshop

When? 27TH NOVEMBER - 11am to 3pm (if you are working rememeber you are by law allowed 12 hours for health visits when you are pregnant)

OMG!!!! How amazing would it be if you could get 2 of Londons most influential mothers together to create an event that catered for pregnant women?? We are not just talking about a cup of tea and a few slices of Victoria Sponge (even though we will have that too).

We are talking about a whole day where you will learn everything you need to know about birth from breathing techniques to how to remain in control whilst doing the most amazing experience in the whole wide world. Not to mention meet women in the same boat as you, who potentially turn into life long friends. This is your time to get that bump out there, meet new friends, learn sooo much new information from the one and only celeb hynobirthing coach THE YES MUM MUM and ask Mothers Meeting founder all things pre/post motherhood!! You'll even get onto the Mothers Meting VIP list ;)

Jenny Scott Founder of Mothers Meeting "The worlds coolest mums" The Sunday Times Style and author of How To Be a Hip Mama Without Losing Your Cool has teamed up with Hollie de Cruz London mum, celebrity antenatal coach and founder of London Hypnobirthing. Who's been working with women since 2011 helping them to create calm, positive and empowering birth experiences.

Everyone thinks birth is going to be awful – something to endure at best – but it doesn't have to be that way. In this exclusive one day workshop with Mothers Meetings, Hollie is going to give you all the tools you need to have a really positive experience – one you won't want to forget.

So what will you learn?

  • Understanding the hormones of birth - you are in control of how your body reacts to labour
  • The physiology of birth - looking at what your birthing muscles are doing and why, and how to work with them rather than against them
  • Making a solid connection during pregnancy and birth between your mind, your body and your baby
  • 3 breathing techniques to facilitate what is happening in your body at different stages of labour and birth
  • A natural pain relieving massage technique
  • How to enter a deep state of relaxation at a moment's notice, and how you will refine and use this skill when you birth
  • How to remain in control, make informed decisions and communicate with your caregivers
  • The role of your birth partner, and how to ensure your birth is a team effort
  • How to achieve a positive experience, even if that means navigating unexpected turns

You will also receive:

  • 2 MP3s to listen to daily and during your birth
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Q&A - a dedicated time for addressing your questions and concerns

There are only 30 tickets available for this event, ensuring that everyone gets the chance to have their questions answered.



Hypnobirthing changed my life, so of course I’m going to rave about it. But don’t just take my word for it – see what the families I’ve worked with have to say about me, my course and their experience.

Birth happens in all shapes and forms. Some births are straightforward, others are complicated. Some are fast, some are slow. What you’ll learn through reading the experiences below is that theLondon Hypnobirthing course, and in particular my commitment to working in a woman-centred, nurturing way, means that each birth will be positive because the parents not only had the tools to remain calm and in control, but also to make informed and confident decisions if the need arose.

I don’t believe there’s any such thing as a perfect birth. I believe in working with women to find out what would make their birth joyous and empowering, and then giving them the tools to do just that. No right or wrong, just solid and non-judgmental support right up until you’re holding your baby.

If you’re reading this website and wondering whether hypnobirthing could really be for you, I urge you to read these stories. Hypnobirthing isn’t a superpower and it doesn’t require a particular belief system. It is entirely logical and with my guidance alongside plenty of practice and commitment on your side, you can and will have a birth like this.

A massive thank you to all of the families who’ve shared their birth story below. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do…and you might want to grab a tissue before you dive in!

"I have just finished a 4 week hypnobirthing course with Hollie - mentioned above many times. It was absolutely brilliant, and I learnt so much. I honestly can't understand why all women aren't told to go on this course just to find out more about how your body changes during labour and how to make the most out of it. I'm not due until April, so I can't tell you how my labour was (yet!) but either way the course has made me feel more knowledgeable (I basically knew nothing!) and more confident about giving birth. The course is made up from different elements - watching home-births, learning about the physiological aspects of labour and birth, as well as learning different relaxation techniques to help you to have the sort of labour you want. I would say that in order to get the most out of hypnobirthing it is worth going on a course to really ask all the questions you want to, and learn the different breathing and relaxation techniques. I am not naturally a meditative person so it was good to go on the course and be made to go away and practice the techniques as part of the homework so that it is now second nature for me to practice the techniques every night (if you don't practice the techniques I don't think it will impact at all).

My boyfriend was more skeptical than me at the start, however he loved it too, and I think he now feels more confident in supporting me through the birth as he has a really good understanding of what will be going on. Hollie is an excellent teacher, is able to offer advice and answer questions, and it was great to meet another couple on the course. We had a really good time, and learnt so much. Like somebody said above, save money and buy a buggy second hand online, and use the money you saved on a hypnobirthing course (that's exactly what we did - and SO worth it)."

Victoria and Will, expectant parents

"We have a little girl – Nelly (Nell) Elizabeth Butler. She is gorgeous. I ended up going into labour on Saturday night (due date – punctual girl!) and she was born on Monday night weighing 7lb 1oz. I am thrilled to say we managed to have the home water birth we wanted and hypnobirthing made it a really special experience. I laboured for almost 24 hours making minimal sounds, with a clear head and basically chilling. I didn't even have gas and air!
My midwives had not seen it before in action and could not get over it. Rob was unbelievable – he was my rock, reminding me all the time to breathe correctly etc. He felt like he had a definitive role – by no means a spare part – the midwives adored him! Thank you for passing down your hypnobirthing wisdom and for being such a great teacher. It really helped me and I never thought I would be capable of having such a birthing experience. Hypnobirthing was so impactful."

Clare and Rob, parents to Nelly

After the course:

"I was feeling a little scared and overwhelmed, and struggling with some of the changes happening in my body. Then I joined Hollie's hypnobirthing course and everything changed. Now I feel a new sense of excitement and inner strength, I'm sleeping better and I've never felt more connected to my partner. We can't wait to give birth! The classes not only introduce you to lovely people, but also give you techniques to feel calm and empowered in your life as well as about your birth. Best decision we made."

After the birth:

"I wanted to email you personally from Matt and I just to thank you for everything you did for us. Eden was born on the bathroom floor, a 9lb 1oz chunker! Thank you for giving us all the preparation, self belief, education and support that we needed to do it, and for helping me to push my doubts and fears aside. Matt was absolutely incredible throughout. We couldn't have done it without you. We are eternally thankful!"

Jenefer and Matt, parents to Eden

"I highly recommend hypnobirthing and Hollie was an amazing teacher. It was a very relaxing and reassuring experience. My husband and I felt so comfortable and confident about the birth that we decided to have a home birth, which went very smoothly. Our daughter Esme was born with no pain relief whatsoever. I can't quite believe it happened like that. I only have a positive memory of my labour and I'm sure that's thanks to Hollie and hypnobirthing."

Ginny and Jim, parents to Esme

"My husband and I have just completed a 4 week hypnobirthing course with Hollie and we cannot recommend it highly enough. Before I saw the birth of our baby as something to get through and to be endured, but we're now preparing for an empowering, natural and beautiful experience which we fully believe we can have.

If you're at all curious about hypnobirthing, even if you're downright skeptical, go for it, it's been worth every penny & that's just for how much more it's made me enjoy my pregnancy, if that's any indication of what the birth and being hypnobirthing parents will be like then we are in for one great big adventure."

Jessica and Matt, expectant parents

"Hypnobirthing was the best preparation I could have chosen for giving birth. The course empowered me and filled me with confidence. One of the best aspects of hypnobirthing is the unity it brings between you and your partner, giving them a valuable role too.

I am not a naturally 'relaxed' person, and the course taught me how to slow down and relax at a deep level. This was invaluable when birthing, as I knew not to tense my body but to work with it. I opted for a home water birth and needed no drugs. It was truly a remarkable experience.

Hypnobirthing takes away the fear and puts you in control of your birth. Hollie is an passionate practitioner and I can truly say that this course is the best preparation you can undertake in your journey to becoming parents – I would recommend it to anyone."

Linda and Graham, parents to George

"My husband and I have also just completed the 4 week course with Hollie. I had been skeptical about having children and being pregnant, never understanding how people can enjoy a pregnancy! And I didn't even wanted to know about the birthing part! The journey so far has been a revelation. Not only am I enjoying my pregnancy but I am actually excited about giving birth to our baby.

I so looked forward to each class – as well as having lots of laughs and learning so much, we left feeling calm, excited and closer. Hollie has continued to provide support and with the logical information she provided as well as practicing the techniques we are confident that we will have the birth we want.

There is so much more, however I will just say that Hollie's hypnobirthing course has been invaluable."

Michelle and Neil, expectant parents

"My husband and I have just completed a semi-private course with Hollie and it was brilliant. He was pretty skeptical before the course but after the first session was completely sold on it all and was even extolling it's virtues at our next NCT session! Hollie explained that hypnobirthing is based on the science of the body and this really helped us both engage with the course and understand why labour doesn't have to be like it is on TV. I had been recommended hypnobirthing for its breathing and relaxation techniques but it has given us so much more. I was terrified of giving birth and convinced it was going to be a painful and traumatic experience. Now I feel I have the knowledge and tools to go into birth and have a much more positive and calm experience. I cannot thank Hollie enough for this. In addition I think it has really given my husband a sense that he can play a significant and positive part in the birth and doesn't have to be a passive onlooker.

Obviously having the birth we want is now down to us to practice the techniques, but I feel confident that with Hollie's teaching we can do this. I would highly recommend doing a course with Hollie. She is warm, passionate and kind, and a true advocate for helping couples achieve what she believes every birth should be like."
Clare and Pete, parents to Eve

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