May 23 2017 10:00 - 14:00

FASHION ENTER, Crusader Industrial Estate, N4 1LZ London

Production Workshop with Mothers Meetings

20 people

Time 11-2pm

Panel : Gabby Shiner-Hill (product dev) Tiffany Staff (garment technologist) Leigh Montague - Founder Monty&co

Mothers Meetings is a network set up by Jenny Scott around 4 years ago, from the first meeting they have now grown to nearly 40,000 followers, they have a big presence on instagram etc.. they hold business workshops, social media days, networking meetings etc...they are well attended, blogged about and have links to a pool of creative mums. A lot of their members have started or want to start their own fashion brand.


10:30 -11:00- Intro & Coffee

11:00 -12:15 - Panel,15-20 mins from each panellist

12:15 -13:30 - Round table workshop focusing on each attendees questions

13:30 - 14:00 - Fashion Enter profile & quick look at factory floor?

Topics to cover:

- what to include on a tech pack / what is a tech pack!

- sampling

- most common mistakes in production

- fabric minimums

- minimum order quantities

- trim advice

- rough pricing guides and costing ideas

General Admission

GBP 75.00 + GBP 3.03 fee