how not to lose the will to live whilst shopping WORKSHOP

Sep 10 2017 10:00 - 13:00

Bluewater Shopping Centre, Bluewater, DA9 9ST Greenhithe

From the creator of facebook group Wear Who You Want to Be .... we're going on the road

If you hate shopping, the thought of actually having to go can be pretty daunting and before you’ve even left the house, you’re already channeling bad vibes about what lays ahead. This will then impact on how you shop and feel about what you’re buying then you end up buying a load of stuff you don’t need and when you get home realise it doesn’t go with anything. So what do you end up doing? You keep it, you go to the shops, you won’t find anything you want, you’ll buy a load of stuff you don’t need that won’t go with what you’ve already got. Ah, the inglorious bastard circle for the shopping haters.

Let’s put paid these shopping fears right now and with my ‘how not to lose the will to live whilst shopping’ workshop, you’ll spend 3 hours learning tools and techniques on how to hit the shops in a productive and systematic way, making sure you come away with only want you intended to go for, loving what you bought and if you can’t find anything, being brave enough to walk away empty handed until next time. Yes, you heard that right, you DO NOT have to buy anything if you can’t find what you wanted.

For the same price as a cheap pair of high street jeans and lets face it, we all know they won’t last half as long as this invaluable information I’m going to share with you, this is what you get:

Coffee and conversation with women in the same boat as you – yes lady, you are NOT alone when it comes to ‘I’d rather rub salt into an open wound than go shopping’.

The opportunity to get fitted for the right bra with John Lewis – well, you wouldn’t build on quicksand (as quoted by Man Repeller), so why would you not sort your own foundations out first.

A walk around the shops (I’ll be there to hold your hand) where I’ll give you easy tools and techniques to get you over the threshold for future on your own shopping trips ensuring you only buy what you need (unless of course you see that pair of shoes that will totally go with that dress you’re buying, but only if it goes remember) and feeling confident about store sizing and how basically not to lose the will to live.

Reassurance that it’s OK to leave the shops with nothing. So you have that urge to spend, spend, spend and when you can’t find what you want or need, you settle. But what if you then got home and found it online instead …. And it’s cheaper?! It’s really OK to walk away empty handed

Bring a friend, bring your mum, bring your daughter …. Bring anyone you think will benefit from a workshop like this, just SIGN UP NOW …..

(photo credit: Pinterest, Miles Aldridge)

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