How can we protect ourselves from hacking and cyber security threats?

Feb 08 2017 18:30 - 21:00

The Mozilla Space, 441, Metal Box Factory, 30 Great Guildford St, SE1 0HS London


The fourth industrial revolution and the digital age bring new challenges for societies, policy-makers, businesses, and everyday citizens like us. Cyber security is one of those new arenas: Hackers are finding new ways of stealing or disrupting our data and it has become virtually impossible for security solutions to detect and prevent it all. The question is, how can we protect ourselves from cyber threats whilst protecting our privacy?

That's why on Wednesday 8 February 2017 The Fourth Group will host a talk and workshop in London on cyber security.

Introductory keynote speech

Peter Wright (Managing Director at DigitalLawUK) will be giving an introductory keynote speech, speaking on issues of cyber security and what the new challenges mean for politics.

Peter Wright is a Solicitor and leading expert in Data Protection, Cyber Security and Social Media Law. As Managing Director of DigitalLawUK, he advises clients all over the world. In 2016, DigitalLawUK was shortlisted in the Law Society Excellence Awards. Prior to opening DigitalLawUK in 2014, Peter Wright advised HM Government on Data Protection and Freedom of Information Act matters. He is presently Chair of the Law Society’s Technology & Law Reference Group and is the Law Society Council Member for Yorkshire.

A sought-after speaker, Peter Wright has led seminars or spoken at numerous conferences and events including the British Legal Technology Forum, the European Legal Cyber Security Forum, the London Law Expo, the Policy-UK Forum, the International Festival of Business and Chambers of Commerce.

Practical workshop

Next we will have a practical workshop led by community member and expert Nick Hawkins ( This workshop will give you an insight into how hackers think and what tools they have available. Nick is a successful entrepreneur who has built multiple technology companies. He has been working with FTSE100 companies in cyber security and innovation all over the world.

Nick Hawkins: “When I delivered my first full day cyber security workshop it was, to my surprise, to the Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit. I later found out that my colleagues next door were placing bets on at what point I would be arrested! Thankfully, I made it out...”

With this Cyber Security awareness workshop, you will acquire and maintain a constant state of security awareness in your day to day life.

What to expect from the workshop

  • A short provocation on the politics of cyber security (Snoopers Charter, US election, personal data)
  • What is social engineering, and how could it affect you?
  • How secure is your password?
  • Are you safe using that coffee-shop WiFi?
  • Experience live demonstrations of common methods used to target people
  • How can you keep yourself cyber-secure?

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