May 31 2015 11:00 - 12:00

COQ D'ARGENT , The Poultry, 1 Poultry, , EC2R 8EJ London



Do you love yoga, but secretly wish it was more upbeat? Or perhaps you've always been inspired by 'vogueing' (circa 1980s New York) but it's a bit out-there for you.

Welcome to VOGA™, a dynamic fusion of the two disciplines taking the health and fitness arena by storm and hosted by Coq D'Argent SUMMER SUNDAYS.

Don't miss this fabulousLAUNCH on 31st May with LIVE DJ Blonde Ambition, spinning 80s diva classics!

This is your chance to take to the rooftop and feel liberated by the power of the pose, MADONNA style!

"If you haven’t already heard about it, VOGA’s a fusion of yoga and vogueing set to an 80s beat.
Think Vogue. Think Yoga. This is VOGA! Yoga with sass.
VOGA is set to an iconic soundtrack taking you through dynamic dance to dreamy disco and combines the breath-synchronized movement of Yoga with the expressive moves of a dance class, fusing power and strength with attitude and flamboyance, where slick alignment is key.
It’s for everyone – all ages, all skills, all fitness levels – offering you the chance to workout in your most stylish outfit while bringing nightlife cool into the realm of sweat and lycra." Juliet Murrell

VOGA™ is the brainchild of Juliet Murrell, a successful set designer in the fashion, film and design industry who qualified as a yoga instructor to restore her natural energy levels, which had been depleted by post-viral chronic fatigue. Identifying a niche for a more expressive, energetic of yoga, Juliet went on to create VOGA™, a stretching and posing routine set to an iconic 80s beat.

“VOGA™ offers all the health benefits of yoga and more, thanks to a unique series of poses and counter-postures that work the whole body, right down to the hands and feet," says Juliet. “On top of the physical benefits such as increasing circulation, improving flexibility, fat burning and toning, VOGA™ manifests a unique sense of wholeness and confidence that you just can't get from the average gym class."

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Sunday 31-5-15

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