Hidden Influences

Mar 23 2018 10:00 - 12:00

The Games Room at The Ampersand Hotel, 10 Harrington Road, Kensington, SW7 3ER London

We know that consumers aren't always able to articulate the reasons why they make different choices, yet too much research still relies on direct questions.

In this session we will explore different ways we can better tap in to drivers of consumer choice, including the role of implicit research in product development, enhanced ways of understanding brand engagement and ensuring consistent reinforcement of your brand message across all touch points.

In more detail, this session will cover:

Role of Implicit

  • Different types of Implicit testing
  • Role (and drawbacks) of Psychological Implicit testing in product / packaging development

Alternative approaches to avoid direct questioning

  • Including our conceptual profiling techniques (qual and quant)
  • Through stats and analysis
  • Role of sensory data

This course will be run by MMR's Future Focus Director and Head of Innovation

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