22 School Lane, L1 3BT LIVERPOOL
Oct 15 2021 19:30 - 21:15
Tickets GBP 12.00 - GBP 18.00
Tickets GBP 12.00 - GBP 18.00

 TIM KENNEDY, piano & NICOLE BARTOS, soprano

From Italian Baroque to Romantic arias and lieder.

Distinctive lyrical and dramatic ‘hues’ sung from the soul

Music from:  Liszt, Rossini, Mahler, Tchaikovsky, Saint Säens, Vivaldi / Giacomelli,

Bach-Gounod, Durante, Gluck, Handel, Mozart.

Programme including:

Saint Säens: Samson & Dalila /Mon couer s'ouvre a ta voix;

Bach/ Glounod: Ave Maria;

Tchaikovsky: None but the lonely heart; Amidst the din of the ball; Otchevo?; Whether day dawns;

Handel: Where e'er you walk;

Rossini: William Tell/ Aria di Mathilda: Selva opaca (Brooding forest);

VIvaldi- Giacomelli: Spoza son disprezzata, etc.

Tickets: £18.00. ‘EARLY BIRD’: £15.00. Concessions: £12.00

Early bookings advised due to limited seating.  (1m distancing between seats)

Please, wear a face covering if not exempt. Many thanks.


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