Harnessing Your Creative Practice- 6 Week course- SOLD OUT

Nov 15 2021 19:00
Dec 20 2021 21:00
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Tickets GBP 130.00 - GBP 300.00
Tickets GBP 130.00 - GBP 300.00

Harnessing your Creative practice
On and Offline- 6 week course

November 15th - December 20th 2021
7:00pm - 9:00pm (GMT, UK Time)
* With a 1-2-1 coaching session on the week of November 8th

Investment: From 145£- 300£ (Scroll Below)
Registration: Please email nellyzscott@gmail.com to secure your place

25% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT- Sign up by midnight October 27th 2021 and receive the Full course for just £130.

* These courses have a herstory of selling out, it is recommended to secure your place sooner than later to avoid disappointment.What 

You Will Get:
* A One-to-one coaching session (30 minutes in length)
+ 6 x weekly group sessions (on zoom), 
+ 6 x Weekly Exercises + Prompts
+ Creative community support network
+ Daily Accountability group (on Whatsapp)
+ A choose your own Adventure style of engagement from part time weekly online sessions to full time offline course and creative practice- It’s up to you and how you can best serve yourself in this time.

“Great teachers are few and far between, but truly visionary ones are even more rare and worth their weight in gold. Zuma in her philosophies, teachings and continuous passionate spreading of ClownLife into this world is literally witnessing a contemporary visionary at work. For years, I have heard about Zuma’s unique insights to the creative voice and clown – and she delivers beyond any expectations, transcending our shared human condition into a self-charged gift into individual artistic expression. Zuma invites those around her to play with everything, embody everything and bring in creativity as a life practice for everyday.”- Elaine Weryshko (Participant of Harnessing Your Creative Practice Course January 2021)

*Check out the Facebook page for many more testimonials from past participants.

You are invited to join an intimate community of nine creatives on a Six week long journey Harnessing Your Creative Practice to make a reality of the dreams you wish to see in the coming months. This course is here to serve you and where you are at, in whatever way you wish to engage, it is about giving your creativity the boost and care it needs to support your inner world and outward expression. If you are craving to uplift your creativity, to get some community support, coaching, nourishment, self care, laughter, ritual, connection, movement, journaling, encouragement and a space to share your life, your words and wisdom on a weekly basis this is the course for you.

This is a choose your own adventure kind of a course, you are invited to engage with the course in whatever way will serve you best in these changing times. With opportunity for part time to full time engagement depending on your needs and wants.


COACHING SESSION: In the week leading up to our first group session- November 8th- You will book in a one to one session with Me, Zuma Puma ( Founder of Clownlife, NLP Master Practitioner & Life coach)- Our session will be an opportunity to meet one another online, to have a good understanding of the journey that the course will take and to meet your intentions and dedications for the 6 week long course. Dreaming into a daily creative practice that will help you meet your highest potential and set out the actions to create what you need most right now in order for your inner world and outward creative expression to thrive.

REGULAR PRACTICE: You will be encouraged to commit to your creative practice daily- I will support you to align your dedication to the intentions you set out in the initial coaching session, it will be something that is potent, inspiring and realistic to you and what you want to see in your life. For example if you are a dancer who wants to deepen your dance practice, a comedian who yearns to develop a new show, or if you dream of becoming more creative but just haven't found a committed practice that serves you yet. This creative practice will reflect whatever you need to support you best in this time.

WEEKLY MEETUPS: Beginning Monday November 15th and continuing every Tuesday from 7:00-9:00 pm GMT- we will begin our 6 weekly supportive group sessions- Involving Community check in/ talking circle, ritual , dance, embodied movement, painting, games, free writing, sculpting, collaborative projects etc. These sessions will take the shape of the Hero’s Journey. See below for the course outline.

Week One: The Self In preparation for the quest. Intention setting & coaching sessions
Week Two: Embarking on the Quest- stepping into the unknown
Week Three: Exploring the Territory
Week Four: Meeting the Monster
Week Five: Crossing the threshold and meeting the harvest
Week Six: Coming Home, Integration, sharingIn our final session you will have an opportunity ( if you desire) to show any creative works you have been developing throughout the course; whether that is dance, comedy, music, poetry, paintings, writing etc. This is always a beautiful celebration of our online community and the incredible work we’ve created during our time together.

What else: 
* You will be welcomed into a private Facebook community to share visions, creative works and affirmations. This will assist with integrating the work after the course has ended and to keep connected to our creative network.* You will have access to our library of dance movement and meditation playlists with over 50 hours of curated music to suit your mood.* Receive weekly creative challenges and Journal Prompts set out every Monday, perfect for those who want to turn this course into more of a full time at home-retreat and a great way to stay engaged if you have to miss a session.

* This community is about showing up however you are, filling yourself and others up with affirmations, creative insights, and wisdom.

* Rewiring your mind for positivity, to both attract what you want more of in your life and to re-write stories that are no longer serving you.

* There is an opportunity for you to engage in the course in whatever way feels best for you from part time to full time engagement-+ From showing up to the coaching session and weekly group sessions

+ Adding your daily practice and daily accountability group shares to the mix

+ Adding the Weekly Exercises and Prompts to the list above.

* It's entirely up to you, we will meet you where you are at and with what will benefit you most in these days. With such changing times it feels important to offer a range of options to meet the consistent changes of the times we are in.

* MONDAYS; November 15th, 22nd, 29th & December 6th, 13th, 20th- 7:00pm-9:00pm- 2 hour Weekly group sessions on Zoom.

* Week of November 8th - Book in a Private 1-2-1 coaching session with me Zuma Puma

INVESTMENT: (12 Hours of group sessions online + private coaching session + Weekly prompts & Exercises offline + accountability group).

* EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT* £130- Sign up by Midnight October 27th 2021.

145£- Supported place thereafter- Low income, student etc. (Please enquire about this option)

175£- * Full Price Ticket*

300£- Corporate, Your Work Pays (This option supports Low income/ student and bursary places)

* Please note: there are limited places on this course to ensure focused attention and care for everyone- Maximum of 9 participants.

* The Clownlife courses have a tendency of selling out, sign up sooner than later to avoid disappointment.

Please email nellyzscott@gmail.com to avoid ticket link fees.

 For early bird discounts the investment must arrive before Midnight October 27th, 2021.

Refund policy: As this is a small independent artist endeavour refunds will not be available. Should you wish to cancel and are in need of a refund there are other options available such as- Gifting your place or selling your place to someone in your network who is keen to participate before the course begins.

Our intention as a community is to uplift one another, embody and practice the world we wish to live in. With all of the challenges this year has brought, one thing is for certain: self nourishment and community are essential ingredients and powerful resources for change in ourselves and in the world beyond. It can be the most rewarding thing in the world to be seen, heard and witnessed, to be encouraged and inspired by creativity and to feel like you're not alone, you have a team behind you, willing you to create what you wish to see.

Since the first lockdown I have dedicated myself to a daily creative practice of dance, movement, yoga and journaling. These practices have profoundly influenced the way that I have navigated this new Covid world whilst living in the big city of London, this practice has been a highly rewarding journey for inward growth.

I created this course for those who yearn for:
* More support to create a practice that works for them
* Those who want some accountability in meeting their dreams with dedication
* Those who crave community
*Those who feel drawn to ritual and personal development practices with laughter, creativity and joy in the mix.
Wishing you all the most awe inspiring, creative and awakening Autumn. I look forward to seeing you soon on this wild journey and beyond.

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