Hackney Colour Wheel

Mar 01 2020 18:00 - 20:00

Shoreditch Design Rooms, 2 Scawfell Road, E2 8NG London

This four week course will teach you how to make your own colour wheel using just three main colours. You will use only plant dyes that can be grown in the UK and are colour fast. This course is for people who want to delve a little deeper into the world of natural dyes whilst learning how to dye with traditional methods.

The first week you will prepare all materials for dyeing, learn about different mordants - natural and mineral, using modifiers, how to make your own, resist dyeing techniques, and the difference between fast and fugitive dyes.

The second week we will start with Madder preparing the dye baths, modifying colour, utilising different dye techniques and learning how this wonder plant grows in our climate. All samples will be of a size or shape for you to utilise in a practical way as well as build up a reference book. Preparation of samples for over dyeing in the following session will also happen.

The third week we will look at Weld preparing the dye baths, modifying the colour, learning different dyeing techniques, over dyeing samples from last week and learning how the plant itself grows. As the previous week we will prepare samples for over dyeing in the following week.

The final week will be Woad and Japanese Indigo as both can be grown in this country. It will be much the same as above but if possible we will have some fresh woad to compare colour with. Over dyeing of samples from weeks 2 & 3 will complete your colour wheel.

In the this course you will learn:

  • Preparing fabric for dyeing
  • Resist dyeing techniques
  • Preparing dried and fresh plants for dye baths
  • Making modifiers and natural mordants
  • Pattern making with modifiers and mordants
  • How, and where to grow dye plants and how to care & harvest them

You will leave with comprehensive knowledge based around natural dyes, and a self made workbook to refer back to.

Cordwainers Grow is a social enterprise and 10% of your ticket price goes towards our community classes. This means we can offer classes for free and reduced places to local residents.

Please note

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