HackHumanity - Hack the workplace - Hackshop

Jan 18 2014 08:00 - Jan 19 2014 19:00

Innovation Warehouse, 1 East Poultry Avenue , EC1A 9PT London

What’s possible in one weekend?

HackHumanity is a 2-day full immersion experience that combines the best of hackathons, workshops & personal coaching into a unique Hackshop experience.

By participating on the weekend there is the opportunity of becoming healthy, happy, effective and engaged and creating this possibility for your team, workplace and for others.

A recent 142-country study by Gallup on Employee Engagement revealed that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work.

How do you feel about your workplace?

At the next HackHumanity weekend we Hack the Workplace.

The weekend consists of a Hackathon-on-rails format. We guide you with experiential training and fast paced actionable exercises to create your story, to design, build and grow your solution with our Heroification process.

You will learn about best practices in lean startup methodology, real-world customer validation, leadership, high performance teams, communication frameworks and organisational culture. The outcomes and value created at HackHumanity include progressing your ideas into creations, with the potential to transfer your innovations to your work and and share them with your team as well as become part of the HackHumanity community and culture.

Think about your worklife and the people in your life that would benefit from the weekend and creating solutions for a happy, healthy and productive workplace. We invite you to speak with your teammates, family and friends and get them involved.

Weekend details:

  • 48 Heroic participants
  • 1 unique and private environment for creativity and action
  • 6 world class speakers, coaches and facilitators
  • 6 super healthy and energising primal meals & snacks per day delivered by a private Chef.
  • 1 graduating H-Shirt included (made with 100% earth positive, climate neutral materials and techniques)
  • 42 heroic tickets (£98), 6 scholarship tickets (£50) for exceptional candidates. For existing team of 2+ people tickets are available at £80 per person.
  • Timeline: Saturday 8am open, 9am kickoff, 10pm finish. Sunday 8am open, 9am kickoff, 7pm finish.

Please register here or email hello@hackhumanity.org with any of your questions.

Do you accept the call to adventure?


Hero Not Available
Team member (2+ people) Not Available
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