Great Yarmouth Casefile: Live Mystery Games

Jun 30 2018 10:00 - Jul 01 2018 16:00

Great Yarmouth, UK, Great Yarmouth, Great Yarmouth

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24 Secret locations across Great Yarmouth host two truly exciting days out like nothing else...

Delve into Yarmouth's past in a thrilling adventure for all ages as you examine the case-files, question real witnesses, collect the clues and try to solve these two incredible cases.



TOP FAMILY PRIZE - points awarded for costumes and speed, winner's get an awesome undercover spy kit!

Players will be able to collect their casefiles from 10am-12pm on each morning that you choose to play.

Each game will take approximately 2-3 hours to play with players free to complete it at any time until 4pm on each day.

Special trail sheets are provided for 4-8 year-olds that they can play alongside the main games.

Great Yarmouth Town Centre Partnership are proud to present this new live adventure game in partnership with Casebook Events.

“Our group love puzzle solving and this was definitely a superior event to others we've done. The puzzles, the interactions and the locations were really well put together" Rob Gemlin, Norwich


Mystery of the StarEaters: The story so far...

Detective Inspector Ranney of the local constabulary has asked for your expertise with a difficult case. The disappearance of Professor Macclesbury, a university Professorwho was researching hidden subterranean areas. The Professor was a well-connected man. With pressure coming down on the Inspector from the university and the local council and a pile of unsolved cases backlogged he’s brought you in to lend a hand. He’ll give you everything he’s got on the Professor in his case-file but the rest is up to you. Out of time and out of luck, he’s counting on you to help solve this mystery - but everything isn’t quite as it seems and a dark cloud of conspiracy hangs over the city. With twists and turns that include a thousand year-old legend and a mythical ancient treasure this is one adventure that you’ll never forget.


Appearance of the Obeli: The story so far...

The year was 1813, while researching in the family archives a young John Crichton-Stuart - 2nd Marquess of Bute, came across a long forgotten text that seemed to speak of the supernatural. Very soon the three symbols from the manuscript started appearing around the city. After a week the Marquess had decoded it as some kind of ritual and their meanings as: truth, fire and death. Arriving at the scene the next day he was too late, an innocent woman was found murdered nearby.

Now, over 200 years later, it could be happening again. Having received a ominous video message Detective Ranney has once again enlisted your help with this new case. It's been a week already and the race is on, with the Marquess' old notes and contemporary clues, you must solve the mystery of the Obeli and save the next victim before it's too late.

On event days players need to bring their printed tickets to the collection point from 10am-12pm.

Players then have until 4pm to finish the game - it should take between 2-3 hours to complete.

The two games are independent of each other so you can play both or either.

IMPORTANT - Please Note:

l Twitter - As part of the Obeli game one player from each team needs to have an accessible Twitter account, if nobody does then you can still play but will have to use our Facebook messaging service instead.

l Accessibility - We aim to include only wheelchair accessible locations but cannot always guarantee access, in the unlikely event that access is difficult another member of the team can go in and collect or record the clue.

l Smartphone/tablet Necessary - As part of the game players will MUST have internet access and the ability to watch videos. However, most locations do have free WIFI available.

l Under 12’s - Must be accompanied by an adult to gain free passes. They must be registered on the accompanying adult's ticket.


Some of the feedback received from our previous game Star-Eaters:

“This was a brilliant event, well organised. We really enjoyed the day. Well done, a fantastic event.” Susan Crossley, Buxton

“Awesome day.” Ben Whitnell, Norwich

“GREAT GREAT DAY Everyone was very informative and played their parts perfectly. Can’t wait for the next one.” Ann Wilkinson, Rugby

“Excellent interactive and fun day out. Would definitely do again.” Altrincham, Manchester

"Excellent day! Really good fun!" Janet Chang

"Fantastic fun. Creates very good community spirit. Enjoyed the challenges..." Alison Gee

"Very well organised. Great to explore our local town and find new businesses we didn't know existed!" Rebecca Baird

“Great fun, really clever and well thought out. It was challenging but was not too hard, so worked perfectly. Can’t wait for another one!” Bryony Bamberger

“Well thought out, fantastic you involved the local shops. Great incentive to get people out.” Bev Cotton

“Loved it, enjoyed the day.” Samantha Wrigley

“Really good fun! Challenging but achievable.” Adam Murrell

“We had a really great time. Very well put together, challenging but solvable!” Lottie Hayman

“We really enjoyed it, thank you very much. Great fun!” Rachel Woodman


Are the two games linked? Do we need to play one to be able to enjoy the other?

No, the two games are independent of each other so you can play both or either.

Will under 12 year-olds enjoy it?

We've prepared a special mini-mystery for under 12s that they can do concurrently with main game

How many players are allowed per group?

We recommend groups of 2-6 players, more than 6 can be too slow.

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?


Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Yes or via the Billetto App

Is my ticket refundable?

No unfortunately we cannot offer refunds


For further information or enquiries regarding the game please contact

Saturday - Adult

GBP 12.00 + GBP 1.58 fee

Saturday - Under 12


Saturday - Team (Up to 6 Players)

GBP 50.00 + GBP 4.32 fee

Sunday - Adult

GBP 12.00 + GBP 1.58 fee

Sunday - Under 12


Sunday - Team (Up to 6 Players)

GBP 50.00 + GBP 4.32 fee

Both Days - Adult

GBP 18.00 + GBP 2.02 fee

Both Days - Under 12


Both Days - Team (Up to 6 Players)

GBP 75.00 + GBP 6.12 fee