Gong Bath (Sound Meditation)

Jan 13 2017 19:30 - 20:45

Eastbourne House Arts at the London Buddhist Arts Centre, Bullards Pl, E2 0PT London

For those who are interested in experiencing sound for the purposes of deep relaxation, meditation and general well-being.

1-hour sound immersion with gongs and other intuitive sound tools including singing bowls, shruti box, bells, chimes, rattles and shakers.

The aim of a gong bath is to facilitate alter state of consciousness (ASC) . A prolonged time spent in ASC can promote artistic creativity expansion of focus levels, cellular regeneration and energetic shifts.

The doors open at 19:15 for a refreshing cup of tea. The Gong Bath starts at 19:30.

Places are limited, and the choice of mats/proximity to the gongs and instruments is on a first-come first-serve basis.

About this week's facilitator:

Patricia Carlota (http://www.sonicsoul.uk/)

What is a Gong Bath:

A Gong Bath is a form of sound healing. The term ' Bath' means that you are bathed in the sound waves of the Gong and other sacred instruments. There is no water involved and you do not have to remove any clothing. You simply lie down on mats, wrap yourself in a blanket and relax while you are cocooned in live sounds. A concert with your eyes closed.


*What to bring:

Each guest is provided with a yoga mat, a head rest, and an eye pillow but, if possible, please bring:

-a cushion/pillow (or cushions/pillows) for extra comfort. You will be laying down for one hour on a yoga mat and the more 'padding' you have underneath you, the more comfortable you will be. And, the more comfortable you are the more beneficial the session will be for you.

-a blanket (or sleeping bag or something of the sort) to keep warm because the body temperature may shift during the session. Please contact us if you would like me to bring a blanket for you.

-a bottle of water (although there is access to water and tea). You may get thirsty.

Yoga mats & lavender eye pillows will be provided to all guests however, for comfort and to stay warm, could guests please bring a light blanket with them, to enhance the sound journey. For extra comfort, guests are also welcome to bring own pillow(s) and own yoga mat.

*What to wear:

Please wear comfortable clothes

*Please let us know if you are on your first trimester of pregnancy, suffer from a sound sensitive condition, have a pacemaker, or have any particular need and not sure if the sessions are suitable for you.

*Any questions please contact Patricia on welcome@sonicsoul.uk or 07825166474

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