Goal Setting & Self Confidence Masterclass!

Nov 11 2019 18:00 - Jun 30 2020 20:00

Glasgow, Glasgow


With Christmas and New Year fast approaching, we all start thinking about the goals we set ourselves for the year and did we achieve them or not?

We have decided this year to create a masterclass that will not only teach you to make effective, exciting, motivating goals. But to also understand the why behind those goals. During the process of creating goals in our masterclass we look at your strengths/weaknesses, values and beliefs which in turn will create self-confidence, self-belief, self-esteem and motivation.

How many people do you know that start New Year with… “My New Year’s resolution is to give up……”

How many people do you know have stuck to their New Year’s resolution? Not many!!! WHY???

It really comes down to how you create your goals/resolutions and I have put together a 1 to 1 personal masterclass just for you so you can create perfect goals that work.

As part of this Masterclass you will receive the following:

- 1 x 60 minute personal phone/skype session (weekly for 4 weeks).

- A huge number of worksheets designed specially to help you create you dream life goals.

- You will receive a huge amount of tools and techniques to help you along the way and for the future

- You will receive unlimited email support for 10 weeks. This can be used for any questions, issues, help, guidance etc.

- Also on completion of your 4 weekly calls you will receive a FREE Gift from us to you. You will receive your own copy of “The 6 minute Journal” worth £21.90 and comes in a number of colours (you can select colour on completion).

If you want to know more, please contact

us by email at snapshotcoaching@gmail.com