Glorious 12 Whisky & Game Bar

Sep 11 2014 18:45 - 23:30
Tickets GBP 29.00
Tickets GBP 29.00

The sittings have sold out, you can always pop into the bar to sample a selection of the whiskies and game tapas – the bar is open from 7pm.


12 rare single cask whiskies paired with 12 wild game meats

Ticket for Thursday 11 September sittings

With the game season in full swing, join The Scotch Malt Whisky Society and The Wild Game Co for a flavour hunt as we match the flavours of rare single cask whiskies with fresh seasonal wild game.

The Glorious 12 Whisky & Game Bar will flip perceptions of game and whisky on their head by focusing on the amazing array of flavours found in single cask whiskies and the contemporary tapas twist on game.

For 3 days only, flavour hunters can feast on a menu of Scottish game tapas, which will feature 12 different types of wild game - with more unusual meats, such as woodcock, hare and wild boar, gracing the menu - carefully matched with 12 rare single cask whiskies.

The game tapas dishes on the menu will include:

  • Grouse on toasted brioche with roasted and pureed fig
  • Roe deer striploin with frites, béarnaise and rowan jelly
  • Partridge with butterbean and chorizo

The ticket price will include 4 pairings of game and whisky of your choice from the menu of 12 pairings, and a special guest talk.

The guest talk on Thursday 11 September will be on 'Foraging for Flavours' with Thom Hunt, the founder of wild adventure company 7th Rise. Thom will guide guests through foraging in the wild, showing how to find the best of the countryside’s hidden treasures.

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is a whisky club that bottles the world's widest selection of rare single cask whiskies.

This is an 18+ event.

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