Gin & Type Tasting

Sep 27 2018 19:00 - 21:30

Tap & Bottle, Flat Iron Square, 64 Southwark St, SE1 1RU London

Gin & Type Tasting, the final session

An exciting and immersive event that breaks all the rules of a traditional tasting. "Sublime and crazy tales from the past" come to life in a series of games and activities that will challenge your assumptions and shed a whole new light on what is right before your very eyes.

It was a fantastic evening full of fascinating new facts, tasty and unusual gins, “So unexpected but in all the right ways!”, “Brilliant evening”.

Join Sarah Hyndman in the wonderful Tap & Bottle, Flat Iron Square for an exciting and interactive journey. You will discover how the stories of gin and type are inextricably entwined through trade routes, continental rivalries, the tumultuous history of printing and cultural movements. This is a new and unique Type Tasting experience that is running for two nights only.

Your journey begins with the early days of Jenever gin, transported from the Netherlands on the same ships that bring the Dutch-style metal type, which will influence William Caslon's famous typefaces. Later both will be shipped to the New World, along with scurvy-preventing lime, where Caslon's type is to be used for the Declaration of Independence. The tale continues in London where there is a proliferation of distilleries and type foundries. From the apothecary-styled gin of the Victorian display type era; as tea from India becomes a national obsession; to the minimalist and refined styles, which become the signature Helvetica and martinis of the 1950s Mad Men era. Each of our chosen London gins tells a part of this story, three of which are local Bankside tipples.

Take part in a magical, multisensory experiment and you will discover that taste is influenced by all of your senses. Activities and interactive demonstrations will bring each stage in the story to life, and make this a memorable journey of discovery.

Jenever gin & Dutch type are embraced when all things from England’s continuing nemesis France are off limits. Served with sound & scent.

Larger than life
Old Tom Gin & ornate Victorian display letters, as gin distilleries and type foundries proliferate in London. Served with foraged flavours & scents of the apothecary as you customise your own drink.

International influences
Tea drinking rivals gin, medicinal tonic, scurvy-preventing lime and Indian street painting. Served with scent & edibles.

“Less is more”
Dry gin, dry martinis, Mad Men, Modernism and Helvetica. Served with taste & an activity.

Gin served two ways with sound, colour, texture & type in a multisensory taste-changing demonstration. This is based on collaborative research Sarah does with crossmodal scientists.

The evening is hosted by Sarah Hyndman, author of 'Why Fonts Matter', TEDx speaker, and a regular guest on radio and TV.

No prior knowledge of (or interest in) type or design is necessary (over 18s only).

Tap & Bottle is an idyllic two-story wine bar sitting in a beautiful grade II listed building, above the bustling Flat Iron Square. This intimate venue boasts an ever-changing rotation of exclusive wines poured through kegs, making it one of London's only 'wine on tap' locations. Tap & Bottle also boasts a stunning private terrace garden which sits just adjacent to the railway arches. 

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