Geeta Brothers O'er the Pond Tour

Dec 19 2017 19:15 - 21:45

Greenwood Theatre, 55 Weston St, SE1 3RA London


YouTube sensation and Comedians – The Geeta Brothers announce UK tour dates at two venues across the country. The promotional campaign will be supported by a targeted media campaign championing their unique content to new and existing fans.

The Geeta Brothers are a musical act that create hilarious Punjabi spoof films and songs formed from singer and songwriter Babbu and global YouTube star; Jus Reign. Following the success of their PUNJABI Christmas Album which received many views on their YouTube channel which has almost 900k Subscribers, they will be performing existing and muchly awaited new material. As the performances are in the lead up to Christmas, The Geeta Brothers will, of course, be performing highlights from their famed Christmas Album!

JusReign is a Canadian YouTube star and comedian that has been creating viral content for the last eight years. His videos achieve hundreds of thousands of hits and he has acted in two films which led him to appear on Jimmy Kimmel. This will be his first UK tour as part of the Geeta Brothers.

Their unfiltered, hysterical material is centered around their observations of Punjabi culture in western cities, lightly criticising some of the more traditional traits of their peers and mocking the western attitude and preconceptions of Punjabi culture. Their viral content rings true to people of any age or background, and their huge following will no doubt be excited to see some of their YouTube videos played out as live performances.