Gathering of Minds: Bristol - Consciousness Talks, Yoga, Sound and Meditation

May 06 2018 12:00 - 18:30

Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, BS1 3QY Bristol

6th May 2018 | Bristol

Join us for the first Gathering of Minds Bristol! This will be a day packed full of health and consciousness expanding talks, yoga and a vibration raising sound activation and DNA re-patterning meditation.

We will take you on a journey to discover how to heal the body, with Iridologist and Liver Cleanse Guru Susan Laing and Food Fermentation expert Kenny Swann. Also joining us to discuss the mysteries of spelling and sound will be Chris Deojee.

Don’t miss the yoga with the fantastic Hayley McAlinden (first come, first served) and ending the day we will have the enchanting Jessica Boles to lead us through meditation with her angelic voice and healing instruments, with a Sound Activation and DNA Re-patterning Meditation. This is a chance for light workers of Bristol to join together, meet likeminded people on the path and gain some amazing knowledge to help you on your journey.

We will have delicious and healthy vegan food and desserts, stalls selling crystals, shamanic tools, health goods and so much more, plus lots of socialising and networking too..

You will leave feeling amazing!


12 Doors Open

12.30 Yoga - Hayley McAlinden

13.15 - Love Your Liver Feel ALIVEr - Susan Laing

14.55 - The Mysteries of Spelling and Sound - Chris Deojee

16.05 - Why Fermented Foods Could Save Your Money And Your Life - Kenny Swann

17.15 - Sound Activation and DNA Re-Patterning - Jessica Boles

18.15 - Networking and Stall Browsing



This mental healing process is a journey into the mysteries of sound. By using the mighty oral tradition and the art of Spelling you will learn the ways we are all tricked in everyday ‘spells’ in the mass media and everyday speech, and what can be done about it.


  • How the secret map of sound that lies in our everyday spells (words)
  • The mysteries of the vowels
  • Be astounded at the everyday spells that reveal a very different world to the one you think you are in
  • How this mental process will trigger a part of your mind revealing the world of Spells it inhabits and which surrounds you.
  • The Re:Warding Sounds we do will perform all 3 functions of the spell (word) Ward – come along to find out!

You will also learn a new way to use sound, re-learning what Chris calls Re:Warding Sounds.


Susan is an expert in detoxing the body, specifically the liver and gallbladder. This came about after she overcame a series of health issues including chronic fatigue.

In this enlightening talk, Susan will address why the health of the liver creates a feeling of ALIVEness. And by cleansing and rejuvenating your liver, you can experience a return to spirit


  • How to keep disease at bay
  • How to look younger
  • How you can feel full of zest and add years to your life
  • How to maintain a healthy bile flow, necessary for good digestion and health
  • How to maintain equilibrium within the body and almost every condition

Susan Laing is an Iridologist, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Kambo Practitioner and author of Love Your Liver, Feel ALIVEr


When Kenny Swann first discovered fermented foods, it ignited a life changing passion in him. Milk kefir is a fermented beverage that has been used all over the world for thousands of years – with outstanding health benefits. It was such a nourishing experience that it prompted him to do a lot of research. Kenny discovered things he could not have imagined until that moment.

In this discussion he outlines the science of fermented superfoods and herbs, but also the spirituality that is often left out in such discussions.


  • Why kefir is one of the most powerful and cost effective superfoods available.
  • Why the enzymes and probiotics in ferments are superior to any supplements you could buy in your local health food store.
  • How to permanently eradicate Candida and other dys-biotic digestive disorders within months or even weeks!
  • How to use exotic cruciferous veggie ferments to safeguard you and your family from xenoestrogens and harmful chemicals in plastic.
  • Often overlooked secrets regarding the “spiritual” nutrition that can be experienced via fermentation and its creation.


Jessica will bring through exquisite sounds, soul song and light language, using her voice and instruments. You will be taken on a healing journey where you receive profound shifts re-patterning your DNA. Remembering your sacredness of presence, as you receive, embody and activate more of your true self.

Jessica is well known particularly for connecting with the Dolphin and Whale Song frequencies. The Whales carry the Akasha for all of creation and in Jessica's dreams the whales have shown her that, their sound is the song of creation, and it is in tune with all of Mother Nature and the balance of life.

The instruments Jessica uses are Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Tibetan Bowls, and Singing Chalices, creating beautiful harmonics to refresh the soul and quieten the mind.


  • Clearing loss of power to welcome in infinite abundance
  • Release of anything that simply no longer serves you
  • Your DNA being re-patterned to your own source connection
  • Enhance your divine blueprint
  • Deep and powerful healing from the 16th dimension with the Whale Connections
  • Embody more love and presence

Tickets - £8 Early Bird (SOLD OUT) | £10 Advanced | £15 Door

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Hayley McAlinden


Susan Laing

Liver Health and Detox

Chris Deojee

The Secrets and Mysteries of Spelling & Sound

Kenny Swann

Why Fermented Foods Could Save Your Money And Your Life

Jessica Boles

Sound & DNA Activation