Funeral Parade of Roses // RFN 1968 Festival

Aug 23 2018 19:30 - 21:30

The Reliance, North Street 76-78, LS2 7PN Leeds

Screening as part of the Radical Film Network 1968 Festival.

A key work of the Japanese New Wave and of queer cinema, director Toshio Matsumoto’s shattering, kaleidoscopic masterpiece is one of the most subversive and intoxicating films of the late 1960s.

An anarchic fusion of documentary footage, narrative sequences and avant-garde psychedelia, Funeral Parade of Roses takes the viewer on a shocking, ecstatic and openly erotic journey through the nocturnal underworld of Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighbourhood, following the misadventures of rebellious Eddie, hostess at bar Genet.

Funeral Parade of Roses was groundbreaking in its frank portrayal of queer subculture in 1960s Tokyo.

Toshio Matsumoto // Japan // 1969 // 105 mins // Certificate 18

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