From Insight to Impact - Effective Early Years Observation, Planning and Pedagogy in Action

Nov 18 2019 09:30 - 15:30

The Chaucer Centre, Canterbury Road, SM4 6PX Morden

In light of the NEW OFSTED FRAMEWORK, how can we be sure that we know what every child really needs to learn best?

Can we fine tune how we match their needs for physical and language development?

Do boys and girls learn differently and does our PEDAGOGY and environment have an impact on this?

This course will help you:

Carry out high quality observations

Use effective strategies and tools to analyse the ways individual children learn

Break through barriers to learning for individuals and groups of children

Put Pedagogy into practice - really understanding the what, how and why.

Match curriculum, teaching and interventions to each child's need

Confidently meet the new OFSTED inspection framework