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FREEDOM THROUGH BREATH // A Breathwork Journey

GBP 25.00



Mar 21 2020 14:00 - 17:00


This is an afternoon of a deep breathwork journey in an empowered and held space. Through using the breath, sound and movement, you will be guided into a deeper connection with your body and yourself. Breathwork is a powerful way of releasing heaviness, emotional blocks and anything else you no longer need, bringing you back home to your essence. The workshop has elements from transformational, biodynamic and shamanic breathwork as well as emotional release tools, energywork and bodywork. You will leave feeling like a different person than the one who walked into the room. -- REMINDER: This workshop will bring up emotions. At times it may challenge you and bring you out of your comfort zone. This is natural. When you are held in a safe and loving space without judgement, your body feels safer to feel any challenging emotions in order to release. Know that you will be lovingly held and supported throughout your journey. journey. -- WHAT PEOPLE SAID ABOUT PAST BREATHWORK JOURNEYS: Healing, releasing. A difficult experience but truly the most rewarding and cleansing. - Tierney Honestly I was a bit sceptic how this works, but after me experiencing everything, I would definitely come again. - Kristina Incredibly powerful and healing, but intense. A beautifully safe and loving space. You will not regret trying it. In fact, everyone should. - Roshni . It was an amazing journey of connecting with self. Beautiful how everyone was given space to share. The music was so fitting. I have experienced a release of grief from different body parts, experiencing spatial expansiveness in the body. It is very therapeutical and healing. - Jozef Thank you Isik for allowing me to be myself and open up. I felt the opening up of a vortex within, recognise and allow energy to flow naturally. "It was a beautiful experience which gave me the opportunity to face my fear, express it, go through it and feel empowered afterwards. Thank you." "Magically surreal. Way more powerful than I imagined and something I struggle to put into words but can't wait to experience again." "You never know what you need until you do the work and then receive it. Simply magical." "Safe space to connect with yourself, feel your emotions and release them. Opportunity to connect with other beautiful souls." "Transformational, empowering and 100% necessary!" "It really awakened me to sensations, it made me more present." "The atmosphere is so beautiful! A safe space to be yourself." "Such a wonderful experience. I feel so connected to my body and the way I store emotions." "Than you for this beautiful space - fel very safe and loved to allow myself to let go and surrender. So powerful!" "The opportunity to learn more about yourself and release any blocks/stagnant energy held within your body." "Awakening! Liberating. The release you experience is amazing." "The most powerful modality I have experienced, breath is life, and this workshop is certainly the place to take life to a whole new level." "Lifechanging! I have been on the journey of connecting with myself for over two years. But I have never connected to myself like I did through breathwork. It's one of the most beautiful experience I've truly ever had." "It is a journey into the unknown. You leave lighter yet richer. Breathwork connects you deeper and quicker to your authentic self than anything else I've come across." "As profound as the first time, but this time the negative energy holding me back was physically drawn out." "Releasing emotions, loving space, loving people, being on a journey to discover yourself." "Cleansing, flushing anger and dark side of the past." "Today was transformative, freeing, lovely, insightful, healthy, loving." "I didn't think it was possible to release stuff and have it gone forever. But it is." "Today was so releasing. I felt so safe and able to love myself and be fully present in honouring feeling. I feel so light now!" "An introduction to your true self." -- COME JOIN US FOR THIS DEEP TRANSFORMATIONAL JOURNEY Please bring: - Comfortable layered clothes to change into - A bottle of water - A notebook to journal your insights I love you, Isik x ----- ABOUT THE FACILITATOR: Isik is a transformational coach, breathwork & women’s work facilitator and writer. She offers group and 1-1 breathwork journeys as a powerful way of releasing heaviness, emotional blocks and anything that is no longer needed, creating so much more space for freedom, joy and love. She believes everyone has unique gifts to express in the world. Her 1-1 transformational coaching sessions are about finding these gifts and empowering people to live their highest potential. Isik also leads workshops and retreats connecting women to their feminine power. Follow her on Instagram @isiktlabar -- Isik Tlabar Transformational Coach, Breathwork Facilitator & Writer https://www.isiktlabar.com Facebook | Instagram



A Balanced Life 29 White Post Ln, E9 5EN London


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