FREE MOVIE SHOW! LUNA FLIX celebrates Apollo 50

Aug 25 2019 19:00 - 22:20

Woodland Manor Hotel, Green Lane, MK41 6EP Clapham, Nr Bedford

LUNA FLIX invites you to a FREE celebration marking the historic landing on the moon (after all, we are 'LUNA' FLIX).

We're screening 'THE DISH', a very funny and our highly recommended Australian comedy starring Sam Neil based on a little known fact of the Apollo 11 mission - see more below. Join us for this charming family movie (12A) on the grounds of Woodland Manor - (located off the A6, between Rushden & Bedford)

To attend - GET TICKETS by register your email for the number you require - please name the persons coming - maximum 6 per order (we need a guest list as space is limited). If you change your mind about coming please inform us at

Doors 7.00pm - Film approx: 8.45pm - Bring own seating. Food to purchase at the venue.

Please check email sent near showtime for important entrance info. Please car share if possible as parking is limited. In the rare case of event cancellation due to VERY bad weather, email notification will be sent on the morning of the event.

SYNOPSIS: As American astronauts prepare to make one giant leap for mankind, a quaint Australian town stumbles through its own small steps to help. Cliff Buxton (Sam Neill) leads his scientific team overseeing one of the world's largest radio telescope dishes, nestled in a remote community of sheep farmers.

NASA needs their dish as a backup receiver for the television transmission from the moon. Buxton and his men are proud to help, while the village enthusiastically gears up to greet a stream of important visitors, though many of the locals are not especially good with etiquette, and some of Buxton's team are disgruntled about the strait-laced NASA technician brought in to oversee them. But when a change in the Apollo schedule means their dish will have to pick up the first historic broadcast, everyone must pull the together to overcome some unexpected obstacles.

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